Charles Krypell

It’s not surprising that Charles Krypell was a sculptor before he became an internationally renowned jewelry designer. Looking at his exquisite, perfectly balanced jewelry, it’s clear that one artistic craft flows seamlessly into the other. A native New Yorker, Charles has created timeless jewelry for the sophisticated collector for three decades.


Designers saw talent in Krypell’s work and commissioned him to implement their visions of artistic beauty. He worked with Sandra Pailet to develop a line of porcelain sculptures sold in department stores. He soon began apprenticing with 47th Street jewelry designers to learn the intricacies of manufacturing with metal and setting high-end stones.

You can see one of Charles Krypell’s impressive sculptures – the Philadelphia Football Statue – at Old Veteran’s Stadium in Philadelphia. His ads have appeared in magazines like Town & Country, and his designs have been worn by celebrities like Paula Deen. Some of his exclusive designs were recently sold by Christie’s as part of the Margaret Adderley Kelly collection for $10 million.


Southern New England Weddings magazine explains, “Charles Krypell focuses on the three-dimensional aspect of jewelry – his creations twist, dive, turn and curve while showcasing a kaleidoscope of exquisite gems.” Each collection offers something unique:

  • Pastel: Choose from designs containing aquamarine, rubelite, peridot, and morganite with diamond accents.
  • Precious Pastel: Select designs with rare natural red, blue, pink, yellow and white diamonds.
  • Gold: These bold designs feature 18k white, rose and yellow gold with classic white diamonds.
  • Sterling Silver: Stunning designs include sterling and gold, with accents of black diamonds, pearls, and sapphires.
  • Ivy Love: Love bangles & rings are handcrafted in sterling silver with discreet inscriptions like “I love you 365 days a year,” or “I love you today… tomorrow… forever….”

Charles has stated, “Many have said and will continue to say, ‘Charles, you are only as good as your next collection.’ Well, my new collections will mix and match, layer and stack, and balance off my previous collections in a perfectly paired manner. My design style is passionately evolving as my collector’s standards continually rise.”

As Charles Krypell imagines new futuristic visions, F. Silverman Jewelers will update our offerings for you. Our large, well-curated selection gives you access to Charles Krypell’s entire collection. Contact us at 201-930-8883 or stop by our Montvale, NJ jewelry showroom at 24A Chestnut Ridge Road to see the latest luxurious, trendsetting collections from this respected designer.

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