India Hicks

India Hicks offers unique and chic everyday jewelry that speaks to the storied individual. Many brand ambassadors are daring female entrepreneurs who put their careers on hold to raise their families, but are looking for their “next big thing” all in good time. With roots in British royalty, the paradise lifestyle and geometric design, these collections speak volumes.

The Story of India Hicks, Jewelry Designer

The best luxury brands are inspired by cool stories. Such is the case for India Hicks, a former Ralph Lauren model descended from British royalty. Her mother’s parents are the Earl and Countess Mountbatten of Burma and the last Viceroy of India. The Prince of Wales is her second cousin and godfather. “As a [13-year-old] tomboy, it was hard to forgive being asked to wear that frilly dress as a bridesmaid at his wedding to Lady Diana,” she recalls in her bio. Her father is the famed 60s / 70s interior designer David Hicks, known for his use of vibrant colors and geometric patterns in the textile industry.

In 2015, India Hicks started her own design company with the help of like-minded entrepreneurs Konstantin Glasmacher and Nicholas Keuper. She wanted her collections, gifts and accessories to reflect something about her life. And what a life it is! Currently, she lives in the Bahamas with husband David Flint Wood and their five children. She rides horses, scuba dives, bungee jumps, parachutes, hang-glides, water skis, wakeboards, mountain climbs, runs marathons and long-distance bikes for charity.

“Each piece, designed by India and inspired by her British heritage, island life, and madcap daydreams, has a story.” The company’s mission statement is to share the India Hicks brand “with remarkable women as a foundation for them to become entrepreneurs, in their own time and on their own terms.” The group adds: “These women are our Ambassadors, and together we are building something extraordinary.”

Praise for India Hicks Jewelry

India Hicks has been featured in many well-known publications: Haute Living, The Washington Post, The LA Times, ABC News, Philadelphia Style, and The San Francisco Chronicle – to name a few. Fashion editors have great things to say about India Hicks and her jewelry:

“Model, mother, and all-around style maven India Hicks has developed a series of stunning jewelry collections that showcase her unique personality. Graphic designs and striking silhouettes are a running theme throughout her collections, and diamonds sparkle against the silver’s clean glow.” –Editors at Traditional Home Magazine.

“In her personal life, she is a true embodiment of high style with a laid-back spin, and her newest jewelry endeavor communicates that distinct sensibility with flawless aplomb.” – Kate Davidson Hudson, accessories editor at Elle.

“India has established herself as today’s contemporary free-spirit without letting go of the austerity and heritage left behind by her father – a graceful hybrid that carries over into the elegant and regal quality of her jewelry.” – Filipa Fino, accessories editor at Vogue.

India Hicks Jewelry Collections

  • Indi Tokens – These charms come with empowering statements like “The world is our oyster” and “Ride Above It.” India shares: “In Britain, the practice of engraving a small coin as a token to give to friends and loved ones goes for over 400 years. My mother had several from the 1920s on a charm necklace. I remember the noise they made as she came down the nursery corridor to put me to bed. And the feel of the engraving, on the smooth, shiny surface between my fingers, as I touched these whilst falling asleep.”
  • Mr. & Mrs. Cords – Designed for the whole family to wear and enjoy, these woven pieces of waxed cotton can be worn as necklaces or bracelets at different lengths.
  • Hicks on Hicks – Inspired by her father, this collection features hexagonal patterns, thick cuff bracelets, chunky rings and medallions.


  • Love Letters – As a lover of monograms, this collection features 18-karat gold, silver and diamond charms with interlocking letters. “Whenever we traveled as children, our luggage was neatly labeled with personalized luggage tags. A geometric ‘I’ for India, or ‘E’ for Edwina, on a bright orange strip against a turquoise background.” It’s a piece of jewelry that is “full of possibilities.” She adds that the Love Letters collection is meant to be a romantic and sophisticated way to say “I love you” in the universal language of beautiful jewelry.
  • Island Life – Inspired by her Bahamas beach lifestyle, these pendants feature diamond fishtail earrings, starfish pendants and wrap cuffs. “The Island Life collection is all about organic shapes. In the ocean, the designs of the fish and the wildlife are just extraordinary,” India says.

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