December 27, 2016

Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

diamond engagement ringFind the perfect engagement ring

Popping the question should come with a personalized and timeless piece of jewelry. Like most things in fashion, engagement rings see their own trends that influence decisions. When we do pick a ring, we want something that evokes elegance and unconditional love. We want a piece that makes her eyes sparkle when she looks at it decades from now, a ring that always reminds her of how special she is.

F. Silverman is proud of its tradition when it comes to pairing couples with an engagement ring that celebrates their commitment. When working with us, expect sound advice, including what to expect from the industry over the coming year.

Halo settings

Though popular for some time, rings with halo settings have been drawing a lot of attention and will probably continue to do so into 2017. While we can look forward to a range of designs, the halo traditionally stands out for its row of diamonds surrounding a center stone. The foundation can be vintage, intricate and even astonishingly geometric. There’s plenty of room for innovation.

Colored stones

Big in the current year, 2017 will see colored stones being greatly sought after for engagement rings. It is believed that the latest twist will be a leaning toward accents in gemstones. We’re talking about putting diamonds and emeralds or other combination into single settings. A two stone ring would pop even more with color.

Edwardian era pieces

Designs inspired by the Edwardian era have always dominated the engagement ring arena. These stunning pieces of jewelry can be intricate and feminine, using diamonds, colored gems and platinum, sprinkled with details of the period. They can be of vintage engineering or have a personalized handmade look with antique inspiration. Whichever way you choose to go, everyone will be captivated and charmed.

The black diamond

Black diamonds and engagement rings belong together. You not only get a beautiful object of affection, but it comes with an edgy dark stone that’s mysterious and mesmerizing. Black diamonds are considered signs of passion and certainty, making them a sound and symbolic option to offer your beloved. Use a black diamond as a centerpiece, setting it off with a circle of small white diamonds.

Stacked rings

In the Boho community, stacked engagement rings have been getting a lot of attention. The designs in this category are always absolutely stunning with rows of diamonds of different sizes and shapes bound in a series of rings that creates a piece that has to be seen to be believed.

2017 and beyond with F. Silverman

Conveniently located in Bergen County, New Jersey, F. Silverman has two decades in the business of connecting couples with brilliant engagement rings. Our collection is flush with jewelry capable of letting everyone know love is real and forever. Come by the store, browse the site or give us a call. We’re ready to show everyone how to find the engagement ring that will make all eyes pop.

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