September 5, 2017

Millennials’ Take on Engagement Rings: Non-Traditional, but Still Timeless

Round brilliant cut black diamond a rare precious gemstoneCustom engagement rings for a new generation

There’s certainly something to be said for tradition. It connects you to your family’s roots and reminds people of their shared past. But every tradition was new at some point, and there’s no harm in breaking new ground with your own traditions. Millennials have increasingly been applying this “thinking outside the box” approach to their jewelry selection—including engagement rings. And why not?

If it’s true that a bride should be able to plan her wedding the way she wants—either in a rustic barn or an elegant, lakeside golf club—then there’s no reason why she can’t have an engagement ring made to fit her personal style. Here at F. Silverman Jewelers in Bergen County, NJ, we welcome your creative take on traditional pieces. Bring your own design ideas for your custom engagement ring, or select from our extensive collection.

East-West diamond settings

Oval cut diamonds have always made a dramatic statement on engagement rings. Millennials have taken it a step further by choosing East-West settings, in which the oval diamond lays horizontal along the band. This is an emerging trend that industry insiders think will catch on very quickly. It also enables you to incorporate more traditional elements of design.

Band and prong styles

There’s no rule that says an engagement ring must be made from a single, skinny, circular band. Square bands are another emerging trend that is catching on both because of its look and its practicality. Square bands can be more comfortable, as they won’t pinch the fingers. Millennials are also making a statement by choosing halo bands, including mixed metal halos that can feature a visually interesting blend of shades.

Another popular choice is the double shank band, sometimes called the split shank. As the band approaches the diamond on either side, it parts into two bands to cradle the setting.

Some millennials are even customizing the look of the prongs. Instead of the same metal color, some brides have been expressing a preference for prongs that meld with the gemstone, like yellow gold or rose gold.

Basic black (and bolder colors)

Black will always go with everything. It’s simultaneously sophisticated and quirky, edgy and vintage, and it’s a perfect choice for a bride who wants her engagement ring to be a unique work of art. Consider getting a bold, black diamond to perch on your ring finger, or choose the art deco look of diamond set against a halo of onyx.

Want a bolder look, but prefer something more feminine? Try soft, shell pink on for size. Choose a pink sapphire or a pink diamond paired with a pale pink band. Or, try a slightly “louder” color like light purple or dark red.

Start your search for the perfect engagement ring

F. Silverman Jewelers is your destination for fine jewelry in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. Our specialists can design and create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring just for you, or you can take your time browsing our selection gorgeous diamond engagement rings. We also offer gem resetting services for couples who would like to preserve elements of a family heirloom within their own modern design. Call 201.930.8883 or stop by our shop today.

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