diamond earrings

Diamond earrings make the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions and holidays. One of the great advantages of earrings is that they’re always the right fit, and can be used to complement any outfit– from casual attire to formal black tie. From the classic look of diamond stud earrings to more fashion-forward creations, F. Silverman Jewelers has a dazzling array of diamond earrings for that special someone in your life.

As leading fine jewelers in Bergen County, New Jersey, we focus on high quality diamonds that are carefully selected for their outstanding color, cut and clarity. Our diamond earring collections include some of the world’s premier designers who’ve created statement sets that are sophisticated, elegant and whimsical.

From a sparkling stud to a chic chandelier, there are few things more stylish or desirable in this world than diamond earrings. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for your special someone or are treating yourself, the stunning diamond earring selection at F. Silverman Jewelers is sure to dazzle.

F. Silverman Jewelers has been the most trusted fine jeweler in Bergen County for over 20 years. We focus on GIA certified diamonds, and lovingly choose each stone with an expert eye for clarity, cut, and color. Get inspired by pieces from some of the world’s premier designers, or work with our jewelers to create custom diamond earrings that match your specifications exactly.

Popular Shapes and Cuts of Diamond Earrings

When looking for diamond earrings in Woodcliff Lake for that special someone or yourself, one of the first steps is to consider the shape or the cut that appeals to you.

F. Silverman Jewelers is pleased to offer diamond earrings in every popular cut, including:

  • Round/circle – The round cut is one of the most well-known and popular. It offers a classic look with exceptional brilliance.
  • Square – Square diamonds are similar to the princess cut (below) and can be an excellent choice for diamond stud earrings.
  • Emerald – An emerald-cut diamond is rectangular, which makes it a good choice for dangle earrings.
  • Oval – This is a particularly attractive diamond cut because of its timeless appeal. It’s an elongated round cut, which can make the diamond appear to be larger than it is.
  • Heart – A heart-shaped silhouette is lovely for diamond earrings, especially if they are a Valentine’s Day or an anniversary gift.
  • Asscher – This cut was popular during the 1920s, and many people today love it for its classic, vintage look. It offers a square shape accented by edged corners.
  • Cushion – The cushion cut offers a timeless aesthetic. It resembles a hybrid of the round and the princess cut.
  • Pear – The pear cut is also known as the teardrop because it mimics that shape.
  • Princess – The princess cut features four sharp corners that produce a pyramid shape. It offers exceptional sparkle as the light strikes its various angles.
  • Baguette – Baguette diamonds are slender and rectangular-shaped, focusing more on clarity and light reflection.
  • Channel set – The channel set features smaller diamonds alongside a larger one.

Gorgeous Colors and Accents of Diamond Earrings

In addition to selecting the ideal cut for a new pair of diamond earrings, you’ll want to consider the color of the stone or accentuating its brilliance with other jewels.

Yellow diamonds have a signature golden hue. Champagne diamonds have a warm yellow-brown color ranging from honey to mocha and are also known as chocolate diamonds. Black diamonds make a dramatic statement and may even have a dark brown or dark green body color when viewed from the side.

Another option for adding color is to choose diamond earrings that feature additional gemstones that give it a pop of color, like rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. Pearls have an elegant, vintage appeal.

Diamond Earring Settings to Choose From

F. Silverman Jewelers offers a broad assortment of settings for our fine earrings. Prong settings (including two-prong, three-prong, and four-prong) function as a cradle for the stone. Before the stone is set in place, the prongs stick up vertically from the base. Prong settings allow more light to reach the stone.

Bezel settings surround and hold the center stone using a continuous band of metal. These settings are more secure and guard against chipping, perfect for someone who leads an active lifestyle. Lastly, we’re pleased to offer the glamorous pavé setting.  It refers to a field of small stones that creates a multi-faceted surface, enhancing the sparkle.

Our Selection of Diamond Earring Backs

The earring backs you choose are important because they should feel comfortable and secure. We offer the most popular types, including:

  • Screw
  • Push
  • French
  • Latch
  • Lever

Screw backs work well for large, heavy diamonds, as they offer a firm hold. Latch backs are a good choice for hoop earrings, and lever backs provide comfort and security. French wires are often the simplest to put in, and push backs are considered the most comfortable and nicely complement any style of diamond earring.

Most Popular Styles of Diamond Earrings

F. Silverman Jewelers is your source for all of the most popular styles of diamond earrings in Bergen County. Here, you’ll find a wide assortment—from classic hoops to minimalist studs (cushion, solitaire, and halo) to dramatic chandelier earrings. We’re also pleased to offer huggies, climbers, and bar diamond earrings, as well as drop, dangle, teardrop, and cluster earrings. From vintage to modern, choose the pair that suits you best.

Designs & Metals of Diamond Earrings

F. Silverman Jewelers is pleased to offer all of the popular metal settings for our diamond earrings, including:

  • Sterling silver is a popular and affordable option for diamond earrings because it is durable and affordable with a high level of luster.
  • White gold  (14K or 18K) is the perfect blend of elegance and style for diamond earrings. White diamonds graded D to F are considered colorless, so many prefer a white gold setting to set off the brilliance of the stone.
  • Yellow gold (14K or 18K) has a stunning golden hue. 18K has more gold, so it is a deeper, more yellow color. However, 14K is stronger. Both are gorgeous in a pair of bezel-cut diamond earrings.
  • Platinum is a naturally white metal that highlights the brilliance of your diamond earrings. It is denser than gold, so it will not wear down or turn color.

We’ll be delighted to assist you if you’re unsure which metal to select.

What Are Our Best-Selling Diamond Fashion Earrings?

Some of our best-selling diamond fashion earrings for her include:

  • Princess-cut hoop diamond earrings
  • Diamond pave hoop earrings
  • Baguette diamond lever back earrings
  • Channel-set diamond hoop earrings
  • Diamond circle earrings
  • Silver and diamond teardrop hoop earrings
  • Baguette diamond halo earrings

Exceptional Diamond Earrings in Bergen County, New Jersey

For over two decades, F. Silverman Jewelers has been proudly helping Northern NJ residents select the perfect diamond jewelry that turns everyday moments into lasting memories. We hope you’ll stop by our Woodcliff Lake store and browse our vast selection of women’s diamond earrings made by top designers. From classic studs to elegant hoops and glamorous drop earrings, you’ll find a selection of irresistible looks complemented with pearls and gemstones.

Contact us today with any questions, or stop by our store to view our selection of fine jewelry in Woodcliff Lake, NJ.