From subtle hints of color to beautiful bursts of vibrant hues, the colored gemstone rings at F. Silverman Jewelers offer incomparable style, quality, and value. For the past 20 years, we’ve served the community of Bergen County with birthstone jewelry, anniversary gifts, everyday pieces, and more.

Whether you’re shopping for simple staple pieces or breathtaking gifts, our showroom offers a fantasy of colors made real in our stunning ring collection. You can count on F. Silverman for truly exquisite gemstone rings in stunning shades.

Colored Gemstone Ring Settings

Our carefully curated collection of colored gemstone rings features fine jewelry from coveted designers such as Charles Kypell, Benchmark Rings, Dabakarov, Christopher Designs, and many more.

Every ring is expertly crafted with luxurious materials like sterling silver, yellow gold, and platinum, serving as gorgeous settings. We also offer a premium selection of ring settings so you can find the perfect match for your style and personality, including:

  • [MS1] Prong ring settings typically feature four to six metal prongs that hold the gemstone in place. As one of the most popular and classic solitaire settings, prongs allow maximum light to reach your stone, which helps enhance its brilliance.
  • Channel: The channel setting features a beautiful row of gemstones sandwiched together between two parallel channels. This setting creates a smooth look of stones, making it the perfect option for birthday gifts and anniversary presents.
  • Basket: The basket setting features a prong with horizontal bands that wrap around the vertical bands, creating a sophisticated ‘basket’ to hold your gemstone in place.
  • Bezel: Bezel settings offer a clean and modern look, encircling the center stone with a thin metal ring. Since it’s custom to each gemstone, any shape and size of center stone can be added to a bezel setting.
  • Custom: Want to create something truly unique? Our jewelers will work with you to create a custom setting that matches your personality so you can let your style shine through.

Choosing the Perfect Ring: The 5 C’s

Whether you’re searching for a gorgeous engagement ring or treating yourself to something special, our expert jewelers can help you find the perfect rings in Bergen County for all of your fine jewelry needs.

We carry brilliant, high-quality GIA-certified diamond rings in multiple colors, settings, and styles. From exquisite emerald rings to sophisticated sapphire, here’s how to navigate the 5 C’s to find the right match.

  • Cut: The diamond’s cut refers to the angles of a diamond. Cutting diamonds requires incredible precision, and professional craftsmen can cut diamonds that refract the light evenly throughout the stone.
  • Color: A diamond’s color is based on the extent to which the stone is colorless. In most cases, colored diamonds offer a more affordable option than colorless diamonds.
  • Clarity: A diamond’s clarity considers the presence of inclusions (any internal characteristic or flaw within the stone in the diamond). Smaller inclusions can be hidden by a mounting, having little effect on the beauty of your stone.
  • Carat weight: A diamond’s weight is measured in “carats.” The heavier the diamond, the more valuable it is.
  • Cost: The prices of colored diamonds can vary widely depending on their cut, color, clarity, carat, and rarity. It’s important to consider your budget to choose the best-colored diamond for your loved one.

Shop Colored Gemstone Rings in Bergen County

Our ring selection is always updated with new designs, so you’re sure to find a piece that will take your breath away. If you don’t fall in love with a ring, our custom jewelry services will create the perfect one for you and your style.

Contact F Silverman Jewelers or stop by our showroom today to browse colored gemstone rings for every occasion.

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