Hoop earrings are a rare type of fine jewelry you can wear morning, noon and night. Whether you’re in elegant cocktail attire or a casual pair of jeans, hoop earrings add style and personality to any outfit— they are always the perfect touch.  

At F. Silverman Jewelers, we carry a vast selection of womens hoop earrings, from classic, effortless styles to eye-catching, fresh designs for fashion trendsetters. No matter the woman, we have a pair of hoops she will love.  

Across the ages, women have embraced hoop earrings for their timeless allure and comfortable elegance. Whether for a milestone birthday, romantic anniversary, or just to tell her you appreciate her, hoop earrings are an ideal gift that she will cherish.  

Be fearlessly bold with the perfect hoops 

We love being able to show our Woodcliff Lake clients the many facets of luxurious hoops by hosting one of the largest collections of womens hoop earrings in Bergen County. No matter what kind of woman you are shopping for, you can rest assured that a beautiful pair of hoops will complement her silhouette.  

Shapes that Go with the Flow 

Fashion-forward American women began to embrace hoop earrings in the 1920s when short hairstyles were all the rage. Without flowing hair to frame their faces, flappers saw that the subtle vertical lines created by womens hoop earrings elongated the neck and flattered nearly everyone.  

The elegant suspension of hoops highlight the unique contours of the wearer’s jawline and cheekbones, bringing an overall symmetry to her facial features. While the curves of any circular adornment will contribute to this visual balance, the impact of hoop earrings will depend on the individual facial features of the wearer and her personal style.  

Larger hoops, for example, complement a gracefully commanding nose. Smaller hoops are ideal for a woman with a delicate heart-shaped face she doesn’t wish to distract from.  

Lightweight and Luminous 

Womens hoop earrings are crafted in a variety of precious metals throughout F. Silverman Jewelers’ designer collections, such as sterling silver, white and rose gold, and traditional yellow gold.  

No matter what metal you choose or the glittering stones they are decorated with, the structure of hoops balances the weight and distributes it comfortably around the ear. And as the hoops sway, light will catch and glitter around her face.  

A timeless, multicultural choice for any occasion (a peek into their history) 

It is interesting to know that the earliest womens hoop earrings are traced to the royalty of ancient Assyria, in the cradle of civilization. Their appeal spread across the world over the centuries, with women of all cultures drawn to their flattering elegance and practicality. One reason for their popularity being that hoops’ graceful curves suit many hairstyles— whether it’s updos, high ponytails, intricate braids, flowing curls, or just a natural hair down look.  

The iconic disco silhouettes of the 1970s are considered by fashion experts to have sparked the cultural relevance and modern popularity of hoop earrings. From Nina Simone to Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama, influential Black and Latina women have kept the style relevant by elegantly accessorizing with hoop earrings everywhere from the red carpet to state functions.  

With their multicultural history in fashion, the hoop earring is a beautiful and powerful accessory choice for an important event. There are many options for sophisticated bling and personalization in our showroom, but if her personal style is more understated, minimalist hoops are a comfortable everyday earring for the contemporary woman.  

Bringing premier jewelry creations to New Jersey  

All designers featured in F. Silverman Jewelers’ showroom craft their jewelry with the personal touch our clients crave. Our hoops come in many forms: from smaller, refined sizes, to whimsical, nontraditional statement pieces.  

We offer diamond hoops, colorful stones, precious stone hoops and gold fashion hoops ranging in various sizes. We carry a wonderful range of practical earrings for the elegant woman on the go.  

Whether you’re looking to expand your own jewelry wardrobe, or shopping for someone truly special, you’ll find pieces that inspire you in our rich assortment of womens hoop earrings.  

Hospitality is at the heart of our customer service 

We know that choosing fine jewelry can be a uniquely intimate and personal experience. That’s why we listen carefully to your needs and work with you to select or design the perfect piece. Afterall, we could be creating an heirloom that is passed down for generations to come.  

From repurposing hoop earrings that have sentimental value, creating a new piece from scratch, or selecting an existing piece— whatever your vision is, we’ll bring it to life.  

Shop for women’s hoop earrings in Bergen County  

Contact F. Silverman Jewelers today to explore the fabulous options among our collection of womens earrings in Woodcliff Lake. We look forward to showing you our stunning, one-of-a-kind designs in our Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey showroom.