Diamond tennis necklaces are contemporary and polished, forever in style and in season. Like their bracelet counterparts, they are designed with a continuous strand of diamonds circling the entire neck for a luxurious, glittering effect.

The tennis bracelets’ distinct design was popularized by a famous player’s diamond wristlet specifically, but modern tennis necklaces come in a wealth of creative styles with different gems and aesthetics. F. Silverman Jewelers is proud to feature diverse, dazzling tennis necklaces among our premier collection of women’s necklaces in Bergen County.

A Gift that Goes Above and Beyond

Buying tennis necklaces for women you love and admire is one of the best ways you can show them how deeply your devotion flows. The abundant number of gems in a tennis necklace combined with the way the stones are mounted in the design makes diamond tennis necklaces one of the most twinkling accessories a woman can wear.

The regal nature of diamond tennis necklaces makes them the perfect gift to celebrate an exciting achievement, like a graduation or promotion, or to symbolize devoted love. Gifting such an elegant piece is a passionate gesture that she won’t soon forget.

One of the benefits of gifting a tennis necklace is that they are extremely versatile and can be worn with casual daytime outfits or romantic late-night looks.

Women’s tennis necklaces are perfect for pairing with other pieces, like a matching tennis bracelet or pair of earrings. Browse F. Silverman Jewelers’ other fine jewelry in Bergen County to put together a truly stunning set for the one you care about.

Day or Night—Create a Seamless Style

Wearing a tennis necklace needn’t wear you down – despite the heavy volume of jewels, this design is light as air and matches almost any outfit. Wearing diamond tennis necklaces with a crisp office look is as natural as wearing them with an evening gown. It’s all in the styling and the attitude.

Worn alone, or with delicate chains and simple studs, tennis necklaces fit seamlessly into casual settings. For a maximalist, elevated look, let the tennis necklace play a key supporting role to a more flamboyant statement necklace or set of earrings.

A Signature Look for Every Type of Woman

A carefully selected tennis necklace will frame and illuminate the wearer’s face in a truly special way. Selecting the right length, style, metal, and gemstone is vital to creating that perfect fit. We carry gold tennis necklaces for warm, classic looks and silver tennis necklaces for clean, contemporary looks. Some jewelers recommend white gold and rose gold in particular for tennis necklaces because the strength of the material keeps gems extra secure in their settings.

Worn at mid-length is the most practical and versatile way to wear diamond tennis necklaces, but a longer necklace can make an opulent statement on the right occasion, whereas a choker is dramatic and youthful. Women with longer or oval faces can usually pull off many lengths, but rounder faces are best flattered with a longer length and more petite stones.

We know our clients in Woodcliff Lake, NJ and Montvale, NJ are always looking for a wow factor, so F. Silverman Jeweler’s tennis necklaces for women are not limited to diamonds. Find a colorful stone that matches every aura among our collection. While we carry necklaces with the ever-popular round-cut and princess-cut gems, our designers are always trying new and exciting twists on classic formats.

We’ll Help You Pick the Perfect Piece

Contact F. Silverman Jewelers to speak with a jewelry expert about our selection of women’s tennis necklaces. If you’re looking for an extraordinary piece, we warmly invite you to experience the hospitality of our award-winning Bergen County, NJ showroom