Like a beam of moonlight, silver accessories glint and gleam, brightening the very air surrounding them. Light and feminine, women’s silver necklaces are a lovely gift for a woman who enjoys subtle luxury with a fresh feel.

F. Silverman Jewelers’ Woodcliff Lake showroom boasts one of the largest selections of fine jewelry across the board, including divine silver pieces that will bring out the sparkle in her eyes. A silver necklace in particular is a precious gift, with its bright and vivid aura.

The curators at F. Silverman Jewelers collaborate with devoted designers and craftsmen to offer our clients the most exciting array of women’s silver necklaces in Bergen County.

A classic canvas

Silver exists outside of time, conjuring knight’s armor and ornate eighteenth-century dining, but also space age luxury and studded punk defiance. Silver is a shapeshifter, and an exquisite gift for any occasion when selected with care.

Chains give a feminine edge to a look and can be a versatile backdrop for any gemstone. While some may be intimidated by the grandiose silhouette of a bib, using luminous silver softens the look, leaving the unique shape of a bib to call quiet attention to the wearer’s face.

Our New Jersey clients can find something that truly stands out from the crowd among our dazzling collections of women’s silver necklaces.

From casual to courtly

Our fine jewelry prides itself on offering stunning pieces for any occasion, specializing in diamond and fashion jewelry at varied price points. Our silver pieces are affordable and youthful, perfect for self-assured women who need effortless day-to-night looks.

If you or your beloved is looking for a little more sparkle though, Gabriel & Co. sterling silver line can also bring glamor. Their handcrafted sterling silver necklaces have a variety of intricate designs perfect for anyone. They design necklaces for any occasion and style: from silver pendant necklaces, to silver gemstone necklaces, and silver diamond necklaces. Their stunning pieces are a dreamy, trendy, and a timeless gift for someone special.

Explore our silver necklace collections curated by F. Silverman Jewelers.

Enhance any gemstone

One of the advantages of incorporating gemstones into women’s silver necklaces is that the mirror-like surface of silver complements gemstones of all colors and textures. Silver settings give gems the space to breathe, enhancing glittering diamonds, moody sapphires, sensuous rubies, and everything in between.

For a vivid and colorful gemstone moment, look no further. We carry fine jewelry brands dedicated to showcasing the unique beauty of gemstones. Their whimsical creations are sure to be talked about, and they’re the perfect place to start when looking for the most eye-catching women’s silver necklaces in Bergen County.

Tap into your own creativity

The possibilities of silver are endless, so we’re not surprised when our clients find themselves wanting something beyond our current offerings. In fact, we welcome it.

Speak with a master jeweler at our Woodcliff Lake showroom about creating a custom piece, or repurposing or resizing an heirloom with emotional significance. We promise sparkling customer service. If you can dream it, we want to help you achieve it.

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