As an ancient and traditional material in fine jewelry, gold remains universally revered and beloved for its regal aura. In fact, the ruins of the Egyptian empire are unsurprisingly where archaeologists have found the world’s earliest evidence of people using gold in their craftsmanship.

Today, F. Silverman Jewelers is bringing that timeless element to the ears of New Jersey’s finest clientele. Our customers can expect to enjoy a collection of women’s gold earrings truly worthy of royalty.

We believe that framing your face with a striking golden glow is one of the great pleasures of fine jewelry. Our Woodcliff Lake showroom features the work of masterful jewelry designers who relish in coaxing the same gold magic their ancient counterparts achieved.

Stop by our showroom for a personalized shopping experience or browse our online collections. You’re sure to find a piece that speaks to you among the best-curated selection of women’s gold earrings in Bergen County.

You deserve the gold standard in fine jewelry

Gold was used to craft lavish displays of wealth and power by the Egyptians. The funeral masks and sarcophagi of pharaohs glimmered with the rich intensity of gold— but it was also a preferred material for jewelry.

Through the centuries, gold has retained its mystique – and for good reason. Women’s gold earrings hold an innate, timeless value. A woman wearing them is always making a classy and endearing fashion statement.

F. Silverman Jewelers curates the best collection of women’s gold earrings in Bergen County, so you can find the glimmering adornment that best suits you or the special person you’re shopping for. Shopping for gold is luxurious and pleasant at our New Jersey showroom— our experts are happy to help you explore all your exciting options.

A practical metal with glamorous weight

Gold has two of the things most modern, practical women want in their fine jewelry: sturdiness and subtle glamor. Gold won’t harm sensitive skin like some metals used in jewelry making, and it is strong enough for everyday wear.

Draw everyone’s eyes to your glimmering gaze

Sitting just at the eye line, women’s gold earrings are an excellent choice for drawing attention to a wearer’s gaze and artfully framing her face.

If you have a warmer skin tone, traditional yellow gold deliciously highlights the skin’s golden tones— rose gold contrasts pleasantly with warm-toned skin as well. However, if you have a cooler skin tone, white gold will illuminate the skin’s more ethereal highlights.

Suit to your style

Choose from many types of delightful gold creations in F. Silverman Jewelers’ collection, from small metallic studs to dangly statement pieces that hang like art around your face.

Explore our unique, hand-picked gold jewelry designers, featured in our showroom, showcasing fine eclectic jewelry with 18 karat gold. Their bold designs are inspired and are built intentionally to flatter the face. Be sure to check out Gabriel and Co.’s line of gold earrings while you’re at it and enjoy classic, enduring earrings with an effortless grace. 

Customize your perfect gold earrings

We pride ourselves for our personal touch in customer service. Our jewelry experts can help you find exactly what your heart desires, or exactly what your beloved’s heart desires. We can help you select women’s gold earrings for special occasions or repurpose gold earrings with sentimental value.

Shop for women’s gold earrings in Bergen County

Contact F. Silverman Jewelers today to see all of the glimmering possibilities in our collection of women’s gold earrings. We’d be happy to host you in our Woodcliff Lake showroom. We proudly serve customers across Bergen County from Montvale to Saddle River and beyond.