Show the world your commitment and love with our expertly designed and crafted promised rings.

Celebrate your commitment with a promise ring from F. Silverman Jewelers. Our stunning selection of promise rings allows you to find the perfect one for your heartfelt pledge, be it with a true love, your faith, a best friend, or even with yourself.

Our expertly designed and crafted promise rings are the epitome of fine jewelry with superior value. Our master jewelers carefully curate our collection to offer Bergen County residents only the best. Discover an array of styles from classic simple bands to midi, stackable, jeweled, or engraved, all made with precious metals, gemstones, or both, all from world-class designers such as Charles Krypell, Dabakarov, Benchmark Rings, and Hulchi Belluni.

Choose from premium materials, including shining yellow gold, stunning white gold, feminine rise gold, and timeless silver. Various design options allow you to show off your style. Simple, all-metal bands are understated and sophisticated, while heart or infinity shaped rings add a personal touch. Explore promise rings made with precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires or semi-precious stones in any color you can dream of, from black to yellow and back again.

Make your promise rings even more heartfelt and unique by personalizing them with an engraving. Carve a special date to remember it forever or engrave initials to mark a lasting bond. Birthstone promise rings make perfect gifts for any loved one, be it a mother, partner, child, or friend.

The promise ring selection at F. Silverman is always being updated with new styles, making it easy for you to choose your perfect piece. If you don’t see the right ring for your needs in our collection, our master jewelers will work with you to custom design a promise ring that will take your breath away. Stop by F. Silverman Jewelers in Woodcliff Lake to view our collection in person, try on different pieces, and let our expert team help you find your perfect ring. Make it official with a promise ring from F. Silverman.