Medallion necklaces are among the most versatile and timeless pieces of jewelry you can own or gift to a loved one. They come in various shapes, metals, and designs for everyday looks and special occasions. For more than two decades, F. Silverman Jewelers has been the go-to destination for fine jewelry in Bergen County. Explore our collection, or work with our design team to create a custom medallion necklace that will quickly become your signature piece.

What Is a Medallion Necklace?

A medallion necklace features a decorative metal disc worn on a chain. The name dates back to the Italian and French words for medal because, in ancient times, medallions were worn to represent family heritage and commemorate important events.

Today, you can choose a medallion necklace that hints at the rustic style of the past or a contemporary style that reflects everything from your love of nature to your zodiac sign or the initials of someone special.

Of course, your medallion necklace doesn’t have to “mean” anything at all! You may be drawn to specific designs simply because of their sheer beauty.

Different Types of Medallions

Originally, medallion necklaces were flat, gold discs. Today, they have evolved to encompass every size and shape imaginable, offering endless possibilities for personalization.

At F. Silverman Jewelers, you’ll discover medallion necklaces in a variety of metals, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and sterling silver.

The chain, typically purchased separately, allows you to customize your medallion necklace’s length, thickness, and style to create a truly unique piece. Mark a special milestone with a women’s medallion necklace accented with oval, round, emerald cut diamonds, birthstones, and other gems.

Or choose from F. Silverman Jewelers’ men’s medallion necklaces for a piece that speaks to your style and sensibility. Medallion necklaces are a way to express your style and personality, and they make great gifts for someone you care about.

Versatility of Medallion Necklaces

Although medallion necklaces are on trend, these beautiful heirlooms will never go out of style. Perfect with everything from a t-shirt and jeans to formal attire, medallion necklaces can be worn with just about every outfit. They are striking when worn alone and perfect for layering for a more relaxed, boho look.

If you’re looking for women’s necklaces in Bergen County, look no further than our Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey showroom. Contact F. Silverman Jewelers to find your dream medallion necklace or design your own.