To wear a pearl is to wear the majesty and mystery of the sea. One of the most delicate and unique elements in fine jewelry— the humble pearl— can be worn in so many unique ways. A single glistening pearl can make a statement all its own, and combined with other pearls, this gemstone’s glowing effect can transform entirely.  

For such a versatile and classic gemstone, the pearl has been relegated to stuffy stereotypes for far too long. That’s why we at F. Silverman Jewelers pride ourselves for our sweeping collection of classic and eye-catching women’s pearl necklaces.  

A beauty as rare as you are 

Pearls are a gorgeous fluke of nature, the product of oysters and mussels naturally defending themselves against irritants and parasites entering their shell. Pearls represent nature turning ugliness and aggravation into battle-hardened beauty.  

While these effervescent gemstones always give a delicate and feminine touch to looks, their origin story is one of grace and strength, making them an ideal gift to yourself, or to a woman you truly admire.  

Women’s pearl necklaces have been coveted by many cultures over the centuries, including the Egyptians, Romans, Indians, and Greeks. An 8,000-year-old pink pearl found near Abu Dhabi is said by experts to prove that early Neolithic people engaged in pearl trading, and freshwater pearl jewelry was the preferred gift for ancient Chinese royalty.   

The pearl’s mystique is enduring and timeless, making this gemstone the perfect gift for an important anniversary or birthday. Show your loved one you know their radiance is rare by choosing from among the best women’s pearl necklaces in Bergen County at F. Silvermans Jewelers.  

Beyond the classic string of pearls 

While we would never advise against an elegant string of white pearls, F. Silverman Jewelers’ New Jersey showroom offers many more choices for wearing these natural wonders of the waters.  

Our collections include the more classic white and black pearl varieties, but also a dizzying rainbow of pink, golden and peach delights. Freshwater, Tahitian South Sea, and Japanese Akoya pearls all have unique qualities, and you’re sure to find something to your taste and price point within our globally sourced selection.  

Floating pearls between delicate chains of yellow, white or rose gold achieve a glamorous yet youthful look, white multi-strand pieces are luxurious without seeming tacky. A small pendant, perhaps strung on glittering platinum, is simple yet dazzling, sure to be one of the most attractive women’s pearl necklaces in Bergen County.  

Personalized pearls  

If you still haven’t found quite what you’re looking for in our selection of women’s pearl necklaces, we would be honored to help you achieve your vision. Consult with a master jeweler at F. Silverman Jewelers to design a custom pearl necklace, or to repurpose pearls with sentimental value into a new and exciting creation.  

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