At F. Silverman Jewelers in Bergen County, dive into a gleaming world of precise craftsmanship and stunning style with diamond necklaces from world-renowned designers. Our rigorous diamond selection process assures superior quality as expert gemologists meticulously scrutinize each brilliant stone. Browse modern pieces by Arzano that feature unique, never-before-seen shapes, or indulge in brilliant, polished necklaces by Gabriel & Co. 

We feature classic designs as well as necklaces that are unique, inventive, and bold. Our fine jewelry suits every occasion, from bridal jewelry to anniversaries, birthdays, proposals, and Valentine’s Day, and pieces that are perfect for every day because every day is a reason to shine.

An accessory that showcases your unique radiance

Wearing diamonds is a delightful way to show off your unique style and beauty, and gifting a gorgeous diamond-studded necklace will show a loved one that you understand what makes them truly special.

Precise craftsmanship, innovative thinking

Our Woodcliff Lake showroom is home to exquisite pieces by leading designers. It is the only store you need if you’re looking for eye-catching women’s diamond necklaces in Bergen County.

Arzano’s-inspired designs will enchant you and epitomize grace and class with their luxurious diamond necklace designs. Their knowledge and love of diamonds shine through in their exquisite craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for a necklace with elegance and sophistication that will add a feminine touch, Gabriel & Co. offers diamond pendants, diamond lariats, diamond chokers. and much more. This designer’s diamond necklace designs are delicate and perfect for not only day to day wear, but special occasions, as well.

 Choose from platinum or gold for your diamond necklace

Diamond necklaces are timeless with a classic, understated profile. Yellow gold immediately signals luxury and rose gold has experienced a surge in popularity in women’s diamond necklaces for its modern and playful touch.

Stunning silhouettes

Diamond-studded lockets, bibs, and amulets are statement pieces, and pendants and chokers are flattering for every woman. A dainty but dramatic lariat is particularly chic when set with the world’s most brilliant gemstone. Or if you’re looking for a confident and edgy piece, choose a dazzling pendant from the collection: Doves by Doron Paloma. This high-end collection has been praised as the ideal choice for today’s woman seeking a bold yet romantic piece of modern and classic jewelry.

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Contact F. Silverman Jewelers or stop by our showroom today to learn more about our selection of diamond necklaces. Our exceptional customer service, exquisite jewelry, and incredible value sets us apart. We select GIA-certified diamonds that will delight you. After all, diamonds are forever.