December 12, 2018

Stunning Armoires For Your Stunning Jewelry

jewelry armoireWhat’s trending in jewelry armoires

Whether you have an impressive collection or are just beginning to fall in love with jewelry, a jewelry armoire can be a crucial accessory. These functional and fashionable pieces not only protect, organize and display your jewelry, but also add flair to any space.

Here are some of the latest trends in jewelry armoires.

Mounted Armoires

These armoires are all about practicality. You can easily mount one on any wall in your bedroom, closet, or even bathroom to organize your baubles, no matter their style. Leave plenty of floor space for your other accessories or a vanity table. Hang one at eye-level and say goodbye to stooping and searching for the perfect piece to match your look.

Standing Armoires

Choose classic style with a standing jewelry armoire. These freestanding armoires require no installation, and are available in almost nay shape, size, color or style. Pick a full-size armoire to place in the corner of your closet or in your powder room to double as a vanity, or indulge in a smaller size to accentuate the top of your desk.

Cheval Armoires

Fanciful, fun and functional, Cheval-style armoires will always have a place in the jewelry world. These armoires combine a mirror and jewelry case to not only save precious floor space, but to also give you a glamorous place to test new jewelry looks. If you have the space, choose a full-length mirror cheval armoire to show off your entire outfit all at once.

Antique Armoires

Whether it features a bold color, gilded texture, or intricate carving, an antique armoire is always a fashionable choice.  Boasting delicate details that balance functional storage, this armoire style will easily be a stylish focal point in any room. Showcase an antique armoire by placing it on top of your dresser or in the center of your vanity.

Over The Door Armoires

If you’re short on space and hoping to get your security deposit back, an over the door jewelry armoire is your modern solution. These easy-to-install models slip right over the back of any door without any taping, screwing or nailing. They usually combine a mirror with drawers and hooks to save even more space.

Must-Have Features

No matter which of those fabulous jewelry armoire styles you choose, you need to make sure your armoire has the right features for your jewelry collection. Are you a ring lover? Make sure your new armoire has plenty of cushioned ring holders. Do you obsess over necklaces? Be sure to pick one with lots of hooks. Drawers, partitions, pocket shelves and pillows are also necessary to keep your jewelry clean and organized.

Don’t forget about security. If you’re storing valuable jewelry like the family pearls, diamonds, or other special treasures, be sure to choose an armoire with a quality lock and key. This is especially important for parents, as children are known to play dress up or see what gold tastes like.

Fill It Up

Of course, there’s no point in having an on-trend jewelry armoire if you don’t have jewelry with which to fill it. F. Silverman has you covered. Stop by our glittering showroom in Bergen County, New Jersey to shop a gorgeous selection of jewels perfect to fill your fabulous new armoire.

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