January 25, 2017

Latest Trends in Jewelry Holders

jewelry boxJewelry holders combine design and function

Whether it’s around your neck, on your wrist, or dangling from your ears, your jewelry is what completes your look and lets your personality shine through. But as your personal collection grows with some help from the experts at F. Silverman Jewelers, you will need to invest in some holders to keep your jewelry safe and organized when you’re not wearing it. The latest trends in jewelry holders for fine and fashion jewelry reflect the need for practical function, but also a craving for whimsical design. Before choosing some new holders for your collection, take a look around the room where you plan to store your stash. Get a sense of your current decorating style and make sure the holders you purchase will complement it well.

Jewelry boxes

Jewelry traditionalists will always appreciate the classic look of the jewelry box. The exquisite, dark woodwork of a miniature armoire-style box lends an air of sophistication to a personal jewelry collection. The refined look of the jewelry box and the practicality of its tiered storage will never go out of style, but there are some new options to choose from these days.

One of the latest trends to catch on is to bring the look of metallic to this jewelry holder. Plated silver and bronze make an eye-catching statement that adds visual contrast to a room. Glass and faux glass are also making an appearance in select jewelry boxes, allowing jewelry aficionados can view their collection at a glance.

Creative ring holders

Your rings may be among your most prized possessions, but it’s all too easy to lose these small pieces. Keep an aesthetically pleasing ring holder near your bedroom door to be a convenient receptacle. Animal figurines are always popular; choose a cat with an upturned tail to hold your rings or a metallic bunny with upright ears.

Wall storage

If you haven’t started hanging your jewelry on a wall yet, your jewelry organization is definitely due for an overhaul. Faux antlers can be fastened to the wall to promote a natural look. Hang long necklaces or bracelets from the points to create a visually attractive display. Another option that brings elements of nature inside is the wall branch. Fasten it horizontally on a wall or door and use the individual faux twigs or hooks to hang your treasured trinkets.

Improve your jewelry collection with a visit to F. Silverman Jewelers

It’s satisfying to have an extensive jewelry collection well-organized with trendy new holders, but of course, it’s what the holders are holding that truly matters. Whether your collection needs more fine jewelry or fashion jewelry, timeless classics or trendy, eye-catching statement pieces, you can always find what you’re looking for at F. Silverman Jewelers.

Our store in Woodcliff Lake, NJ is an oasis for jewelry lovers, featuring top designers such as Mattioli, Charles Krypell, India Hicks, Honora, and many more. Stop in today to purchase a gift for a special someone or a gift for yourself. If you’re looking for a specific piece, give us a call and our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.

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