February 20, 2017

Trending Jewelry at New York Fashion Week 2017

Jewelry Shines at NYFW 2017

Traditionally, New York Fashion Week runways have been largely bereft of jewelry, but that’s beginning to change. The trendsetters of the 2017 fall collections have finally begun to realize the benefits of combining fabric fashions with gems and less conventional adornments. The experts at F. Silverman Jewelers enjoy seeing these runway concepts trickle into everyday fashions and we encourage jewelry aficionados to stop by our New Jersey location for a look at our latest acquisitions.

The right to bare arms

In a nod to the slowly warming weather, New York Fashion Week runways featured plenty of bare arms—the perfect canvas for tubular forearm cuffs. At Proenza Schouler, models marched with quirky, expressive matte and high-shine arm cuffs with clean lines and simple, yet eye-catching styling. These arm adornments nicely complemented the other hot arm look of the runway: Loosely dangling metal bracelets that embraced the asymmetrical, quasi-industrial look.

Prettying up the punk look

Forward-thinking Audra Danielle Noyes of Audra—a relative newcomer to the NYFW runways—shared her unique take on punk. Audra has been widely hailed as the up-and-coming designer to watch after her creations made a much-coveted debut on Kim Kardashian West back in June of 2016. Recently, she showed off her unexpected integration of fragility and strength, tenderness and toughness with her modern punk looks on the runway. Audra matched her punkish fabric fashions with jewelry by Borgioni’s Rhonda and Tiffany Bartolacci—a mother/daughter team known for their gold handcuff bangles and single stud earrings.

Upcycling your look

For many fashionistas, upcycling one’s look might mean digging through the closet to find vintage pieces to pair with modern designs. Aanchal Sukhija, a 23-year-old designer and blogger who hails from Delhi, would beg to differ. Her specialties include statement necklaces and earrings made from such unlikely mediums as mop heads, plumbing pipes, and air conditioner filter foam. Her label, Mission Pluto, made waves on the runways at this past New York Fashion Week in collaboration with designer Vaishali S.

Sukhija said regarding her collection, “Finding beauty in the mundane and making it magnificent is my aim. I want people to accept the fact that that’s where the beauty lies — you just need an eye. To make a change, you need to attract people’s attention and that’s where NYFW came into play. We should not be scared of causing offence; we should be scared of not being heard.”

NYFW attendees certainly heard her loud and clear, embracing her surprising uses of scrub pads and dusting mops in high fashion.

Find what you’re looking for at F. Silverman Jewelers

Whether you’re looking for the latest trending designs from the runways or a classic piece to treasure for years to come, you can find it at the Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey store of F. Silverman Jewelers. We’re pleased to carry premier brands like Mattioli, Dabakarov, Norman Covan, and Yoni Diamonds. Stop in today and be sure to ask us about our custom jewelry and jewelry repair services.

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