October 16, 2018

4 Marriage Proposal Mistakes to Avoid

marriage proposal with engagement ringAvoiding Common Proposal Mistakes

Proposing marriage to that special someone is a moment (and story) that will be re-lived and repeated for many years to come. When you’re ready to pop the big question, it’s easy for nerves to get in the way, even among the most confident of suitors. A marriage proposal does not have to be 100 percent Hollywood perfect. You may forget or stumble over words, or get rained on during the moment, but aspiring fiancés can and should avoid these common proposal mistakes.

You don’t make it special

In all likelihood, she has probably envisioned this life-changing moment for a very long time. When planning out a marriage proposal, you want to make it special and meaningful to her. Put some effort into the plan, even if you’re not the romantic type. Do something that caters to her preferences, her favorite places, favorite foods and memories of you together. Popping the question doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but it does need to be thoughtful.

You propose in front of an audience

Your loved one may adore sappy, romantic gestures, but unless she also like public displays of affection and tons of attention, the idea of a public proposal (in front of family, friends or strangers) may seem mortifying. According to a survey by bridal authority website the Knot, most women felt proposing in public was one of the biggest blunders.

Letting the cat out of the bag

It’s great that you want to share your plans with your closest friends and family. But be careful about blabbing to too many people. An impending marriage proposal makes for juicy gossip, and loose lips can spread the news fast. This increases the chances your loved one will find out your secret, and even if she doesn’t, she probably won’t appreciate it if she finds out that everyone knew before she did.

You ask empty-handed

Don’t forget the engagement ring! Proposing with no ring is the number one proposal faux pas, according to the female universe. The ring is a declaration of your love and commitment, and many women may feel that a proposal isn’t complete (or legitimate) without a dazzling diamond ring to show for it. Make sure the ring is appropriately sized for your future bride and keep it in a safe place until you’re ready to ask. If a surprise proposal isn’t in the works, engagement ring-shopping together is a terrific way to ensure you get what she likes.

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