April 3, 2024

How to Stack Your Tennis Bracelets

As jewelry legend has it, the “tennis bracelet” got its name when player Chris Evert stopped a match to look for her diamond bracelet during the 1978 U.S. Open. The elegant style has been gracing wrists since the 1920s, but Evert’s cool girl cache contributed to a boom of interlocking diamond bracelets sturdy enough to play a match in.

Today, the tennis bracelet remains one of the most popular and versatile womens bracelets in Bergen County. F. Silverman Jewelers’s Woodcliff Lake showroom features tennis bracelets in any combination of fine metals and jewels you can dream up.

Their sturdy construction makes tennis bracelets perfect for a glamorous woman about town, and stacking them is one of the most effortless and fun ways to breathe new life into your style.

Consider Sticking to the Same Metal

When shopping and styling fine jewelry in Bergen County, it’s helpful to keep your overall vision in mind. While some women are loyal to one type of precious metal in their jewelry wardrobe, others like to try new shades. To create a cohesive bracelet stack, we recommend sticking to the same precious metal base.

As with most jewelry rules, however, this one is made to be broken. Different shades of gold tend to create a striking look together, and a pop of platinum amongst silver can add extra glint and sparkle.

When selecting a material for your tennis bracelet, it’s best to choose one that you feel like you can wear every day, because that’s exactly what you’ll want to do with these practical pieces! Radiant gold, with its warm glow, complements fair and olive complexions, while platinum’s icy brilliance illuminates cool undertones. Silver tends to harmonize with most shades.

Mix & Match Different Textures and Shapes

The best way to add individuality to a bracelet stack is to choose a variety of textures and shapes to create a unique silhouette. Two bracelets qualify as a stack, but three, four, five, or even six bracelets can come together to create an eye-catching look.

Pair your tennis bracelet with a thick cuff or chunky watch to create a chic illusion of armor. Wear it with delicate chains and bangles for a light, airy Bohemian style. If you’re a fashion-forward tennis bracelet lover, try wearing the more traditional band with casual paper clip chains for a modern look.

Have Fun With This Timeless Style

A good rule of thumb while creating a bracelet stack is that it shouldn’t cover more than one-third of your arm, but only you can decide what’s wearable for you. The best part about this maximalist jewelry trend is that it puts your personality and imagination front and center.

While F. Silverman’s carries one of the best selection of diamond tennis bracelets in Bergen County, our showroom also features bracelets adorned with gemstones in every color of the rainbow. Still, diamonds’ glittering clarity pairs well with all other jewels, and as one the world’s hardest gems, they’re perfect for an everyday stack.

Get Advice From Award-Winning Jewelers

We invite our clients to come indulge in their creativity at our luxurious Woodcliff Lake showroom. If you’re enchanted by the dependable elegance of tennis bracelets,  contact F. Silverman Jewelers and discover the perfect band for mixing and matching.

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