February 29, 2024

How to Style Your Tennis Bracelet

With their unbroken chorus lines of jewels, tennis bracelets are one of the most elegant accessories a woman can wear without sacrificing practicality. Thin chains of precious metal hold together the strong symmetrical patterns of tennis bracelets’ diamonds, gemstones, or zirconia. The uniform cut of the stones creates a dazzling effect suitable for almost any occasion.

As their sporty name suggests, women’s tennis bracelets are durable, crafted for a glamorous life on the go. It’s all in the styling! These evergreen accessories are a versatile upgrade to any jewelry wardrobe.

The raw silhouette of the tennis bracelet is iconic, but so easy to personalize. The expansive designer collections featured in F. Silverman Jewelers’ Woodcliff Lake showroom offer bracelets made with a variety of jewels and precious metals for unique pairings.

If you don’t know how to style a diamond tennis bracelet or are simply looking to refresh your aesthetic, here are some tips:

Step One: Identify your Unique Style

The stones are the most prominent feature of a tennis bracelet.

Diamonds are a classic jewel for this type of bracelet, and are a vibrant and neutral choice. More colorful gems like emerald or sapphire can add instant flair. Zirconia is a budget-friendly choice that is especially enhanced by the tennis bracelet design.

diamond tennis bracelet

The setting of a tennis bracelet can make a big difference in how it lays on your wrist. Prong arrangements accentuate gemstone brilliance, whereas channels ensure a smooth, continuous flow in the bracelet’s overall visual balance. 

Step Two: Find the Perfect Fit

The elegance of a tennis bracelet is dimmed if the piece is falling off your wrist haphazardly, or clinging on too tightly. To achieve a casual, delicate drape, choose a tennis bracelet that allows about two fingers to fit between the bracelet and your wrist.

Step Three: Dress Up, or Dress Down

If you’re not sure how to style a tennis bracelet for a big event, embrace your inner child and have fun! There’s a natural seriousness to tennis bracelets, so playing with excess by stacking a few tennis bracelets together or pairing them with bold cocktail rings can make for a memorable fashion choice.

how to stack your bracelets

Styling a tennis bracelet for every day is about restraint. While their simplicity is demure, tennis bracelets’ flash also naturally catches the eye. Pairing a tennis bracelet with a watch of the same coloring signals quiet luxury.

tennis bracelet and tennis necklace

At the office, a tennis bracelet paired with a small pendant necklace of the same gem creates a cohesive look with subtle bling.

Get Advice From Award-Winning Jewelers

At our luxurious Woodcliff Lake showroom, F. Silverman’s Jewelers is committed to bringing our New Jersey clients only the best. If you’re enchanted by the timeless elegance of tennis bracelets,  contact F. Silverman Jewelers to discover an accessory that sparkles for a lifetime.

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