February 13, 2017

Is Bigger Better When It Comes to Jewelry?

Choosing the right size of jewelry

Does size matter? When it comes to jewelry, it’s all a matter of personal style and taste. Choosing the right size of jewelry can also be informed by one’s height, body type, and level of wardrobe formality. You can consider all of these factors when deciding whether to go all out or stay minimalist with your necklaces and earrings, but there’s also an upside to listening to your intuition.

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What does your jewelry say about you?

Jewelry is much more than the finishing touch on a wardrobe and it’s more than a way to communicate your status in life. It’s a reflection of your personality and your life experiences, and it shows other people what you want them to know about you. When you wear long, multi-layered necklaces, chunky rings, and bold, over-the-top earrings, you’re telling other people that you’re the fun-loving sort who breaks the mold and isn’t afraid to speak your mind. Big jewelry is generally prized by social, active, and outgoing people-the sort who usually find themselves at the center of attention at parties.

Building a wardrobe with big jewelry

If bigger is clearly better for you, there are a few things you should know about pairing large jewelry with certain outfits and body types. For instance, if you’re quite tall, save the big jewelry for your wrists and hands, and keep your necklaces and earrings small to medium in size. If you’re short, the reverse is true: A longer, multi-layered necklace and dangling earrings will help you appear taller. For petite people, layering your jewelry is a good way to add depth and size without using chunky rings or other over-the-top pieces. Very chunky pieces tend to look more natural on folks who are big boned.

Another factor to consider when selecting the size of your jewelry is the outfit itself. Jewelry should complement and complete an outfit, not overwhelm it. In general, choose big, bold statement pieces with a simpler outfit that features clean lines and calm patterns or colors. If your outfit is taking center stage, have your jewelry take a step backward and choose small diamond studs and an elegant wrist cuff.

Similarly, it’s important to balance big jewelry pieces. If you’re making a bold statement with your oversized earrings, have your necklace play its sidekick. If huge, chunky rings are your style, skip the bracelet or wear a minimalist band.

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