August 8, 2017

Hottest Jewelry Trends to Steal from Hollywood

Photographers are taking a picture of a film starCelebrity jewelry trends

Hollywood trendsetters and their stylists know how to take calculated risks. And while many of the over-the-top runway and red carpet looks aren’t terribly practical for everyday wear (think Givenchy face jewelry or Jean Gritsfeldt’s lip flower clips), there is a certain feeling of liberation that comes from being the first in your social circle to try a trendsetting new look. This year, consider trying these top steals from Hollywood stars and high fashion runways.

Making a statement

Chokers are definitely still in, but statement necklaces have been elbowing their way onto the runways this year. They’ve been gracing the necks of models and celebs alike, with the only rule being the bolder, the better. You probably won’t wear a statement necklace made from a Bic lighter case (Alexander Wang), but perhaps a sliced geode necklace would complete your outfit.

Layering your look

Statement necklaces are stand-alone pieces, but pendant necklaces are perfect for layering. Choose small, delicate strands of silver and gold that feature a dainty pendant. Or, take the pendant trend up a notch by copying Alison Brie’s look. She’s been spotted wearing a delicate, metallic choker with a small pendant, styled by Cristina Ehrlich. As an alternative to stacking your necklaces, choose stacked rings or bracelets.

Going for gold

In Hollywood, all that glitters is quite often gold. Stylist Michaela Erlanger recently adorned Lupita Nyong’o’s neck with an effortlessly chic, gold tiered choker, producing a look that is simultaneously slightly futuristic, but also reminiscent of Old World royalty. Large gold hoop earrings are also in this year. Brie Larson has been spotted wearing boldly Bohemian gold hoops, accented by precious gems of varying shades. Thandie Newton and Yara Shahidi have also jumped aboard the gold hoop trend.

Unexpected anklets

What goes around tends to come around more than once, especially where it concerns 90s fashion trends. Unexpectedly, anklets have made a strong comeback this year. Go bold with a thick chain or belt-style anklet and match it with informal jeans. Or, choose a daintier look in metallic to accent formal pants.

Getting back to the future

There’s no need to hop aboard the DeLorean to get back to the future. Steal Hollywood’s futuristic arm cuffs, ear cuffs, and choker designs instead. Some of the hottest looks marry bold gold and basic black, with sensuous curves and unpredictable designs.

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