January 19, 2018

The Resurgence of Signet Rings

signet ringPersonalized signet rings are trending up

Signet rings evoke images of times gone by, when distinguished gentlemen would drink port after a dinner party and the ladies would retire to the drawing room to gossip. But signet rings actually have a much longer, richer history. They date from a much older time than the 1800s and early 1900s, and now they appear to be making a comeback. Before you become an early adopter of this trend, there are a few things you ought to know about signet rings and the stately style they confer.

The origin and meaning of signet rings

In ancient Babylonian culture, cylindrical seals were worn around the neck or wrist, and were used to stamp grainery doors to discourage robbers. By about 1800 BCE, the Egyptians shrank the seal into a scarab signet ring to be worn conveniently on the finger. These rings were only to be worn by figures of great status and authority. Their purpose was to make a mark of ownership when the design was pressed into clay.

Over the centuries, signet rings evolved into what they look like today: A band that supports a flat, circular face engraved with a design, initials, family crest, or a coat of arms.

Today, there is no need for signet rings as seals. But the humble signet ring does still serve an important purpose: It’s an outward indicator of a person’s innermost self. And perhaps that’s why it’s been making a comeback in the fashion world, because it is personalized and it tells a story.

Recommendations for wearing signet rings

Some people feel that, since a signet ring is like an extension of your own identity, it should be worn with the design facing inward. An inward-facing design serves to remind the wearer of his or her path in life or heritage, depending on the specific design. Others feel that the designs should face outward as a visible symbol of who the wearer is.

Regardless of whether you wear your signet ring facing outward or inward, there’s one thing that most aficionados would agree upon: Don’t wear it if you can’t own it. In other words, a crest of arms signet ring should only be worn by members of that family. Signet rings that symbolize the military, law enforcement, or fire protection should only be worn by individuals in those careers. The same applies to class rings and freemasonry signet rings. Shop our fine collection of men’s rings in Bergen County!

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