December 14, 2016

New Trends in Men’s Jewelry

mens ringTrends in Men’s Jewelry

For years, men’s jewelry was relegated to the “classic trio” of wedding rings, watches and cufflinks. These items are still essential staples for a man’s jewelry collection, but there are new trends in men’s jewelry to look for while shopping for the perfect gift or self-splurge this year.

From vintage, gem-studded brooches by Alexander McQueen, to long earrings by Louis Vuitton, from surf beads by Yves Saint Laurent, to leather strap bangles by Salvatore Ferragamo – the list of trend-setting designers on board with the male jewelry surge is truly endless.

The classic wristwatch

Stylist Barron Cuadro once said: “Men really only need one item of jewelry – the wristwatch. Everything else is non-essential.” Similarly, Jeweller Magazine contends that “a watch is the ultimate statement maker – a glimpse into the wearer’s character and style.”

A Rolex is “the Cadillac” of the watch world – that one status symbol every man yearns to achieve. A good top-of-the-line Rolex will never lose its value over the years, as the market for pre-loved Rolex watches is very strong. If you are looking to really impress someone, the Rolex still does the trick.

Beyond that, masculine, “industrial” designs capture the eye of male jewelry shoppers these days. Men are largely going for more slim, classic watches than they were five years ago – perhaps due to the rise of other types of men’s fine jewelry. It’s acceptable to have a big, bold watch if that’s all you’re wearing, but you might want something more minimalist if you’ve got a cocktail ring or beard jewelry too. Examples of clean, simple watches at more modest price points can be found in Oozoo, Christian Paul, Daniel Wellington and MVMT Watches.


Cufflinks have been on the upswing for the last decade, as more and more men are attaining careers that require suits. Silver cufflinks are still the most popular, but they can be made of wood, metal or glass. Some of the more offbeat materials include fossilized mammoth ivory, Damascus steel, and elk antler.

They also come in a wide variety of odd shapes. To up your cufflinks game, you can try matching the stones from your rings with the stones in your cufflinks. Due to their subtle positioning, men can be more adventurous in their selection of cufflinks, without causing a fashion train wreck. You’ll find everything from standard monograms, zodiac symbols and birthstone gems, to Game of Thrones inspired pieces, trapezoid-shaped cuffs, and textured gold pangolins.

Alt-metal chains

Younger guys still love the simplicity and the regality of a men’s high-end gold chain, which pairs nicely with a suit or a t-shirt and jeans. Yet, more and more, men say they “don’t want anything too vulgar.” If you’re not looking to spend more than $1,000, other trending materials to look for include silver, stainless steel, titanium and tungsten rings. These materials are very versatile and go with a host of clothing styles, suitable for all occasions.

Layered leather wristbands

Casual braided leather cuffs are flying off the shelves now. They can be simple and black or a more “earthy” brown with Bohemian bead accents. Stainless steel ID tags and anchors are popular “charms” on a man’s leather or rope cuff. The style is best suited by going monochromatic for a cohesive, put-together look.

The Trendspotter notes: “Black, darker brown, deep burgundies and dim emeralds work the best. Thinner leather bracelets are the easiest most versatile pieces to work with, and look great when teamed with watches. While leather bracelets work well by themselves, try mixing with other bracelets like beaded ones for a textured approach to your wrist wear.”

Big, bold statement rings

During the 16th Century, big rings were viewed as a statement of power, wealth and prestige. It wasn’t until the latter part of the 20th Century that the size of rings were trending more modest. These days, big and bold is back in vogue again, as men begin to accessorize beyond the traditional wedding band, into statement cocktail rings designed by GUCCI. Men’s jewel-studded rings are being lauded as “Granny-chic.” They’re appearing above the knuckles of men on the catwalk from Milan to New York.

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“A strong accessories game” is an indicator of “character and defined sense of self,” says VOGUE. When getting started with a male accessory collection, you may want to start simple — with a wristwatch, leather band, or light metal chains. From there, you can begin experimenting with more artistic creations that express your interests.

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