April 15, 2016

3 Fine Jewelry Designers For Mother’s Day Gifts

honora mothers-dayMother’s Day jewelry

There are many affordable and classy ways to say “I love you, Mom” at F. Silverman jewelry store in Bergen County. Ten percent of mothers most want jewelry for the holiday, which puts it among the most-desired gifts along with perfume, gift cards, brunch and personalized presents. We invite you to stop by our Woodcliff Lake shop to pick the perfect gift for the mothers in your life — whether it’s a biological mother, step-mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, godmother, or the mother of your children.

Here are three of our favorite Mothers’ Day jewelry designers:


For more than 60 years, Honora has embodied value and quality in the freshwater pearl industry. The company was acquired by Richline Group Inc, the jewelry manufacturer owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc, to further distribution of this high-quality line. In a formal statement, Richline called Honora “the premier freshwater cultured pearl brand in the USA.” Pearls have always been a classic staple for mothers. They may not be expensive like diamonds, but they suggest the elegance and repose of queens. In the past, a single strand of white pearls accompanied a mother’s favorite dress, but today pearls come in different shades and designs for a modern twist.

Best Mothers’ Day Gift: The Honora Wildflower Collection is a truly stunning Mothers’ Day gift featuring spring pastels in yellow, red, blue, white, purple, green and orange held together with sterling silver clasps. You can buy the 18-inch necklace, 8-9 MM earrings and set of three 8-9 MM stretch bracelets for under $100 a piece.

India Hicks

India Hicks is the descendent of the Prince of Wales and the last Viceroy of India. She’s lived a storied life – appearing in Princess Diana’s wedding party, modeling for Ralph Lauren, starting her own jewelry design firm, and moving to the Bahamas with her husband and five children where they lead active, adventurous lives.

Her luxury brand has been featured in The Washington Post, LA Times and Philadelphia Style, to name a few well-known publications, and especially caters to women who have left the workplace to raise a family, but wish to find a new calling once the kids are grown. The company’s mission statement is to share the brand “with remarkable women as a foundation for them to become entrepreneurs, in their own time and on their own terms.”

Best Mothers’ Day Gift: You’ll find geometric patterns, vibrant colors, diamond accents and contemporary styling in her jewelry designs. Top-selling collections include the Indi Tokens (which contain empowering statements), Love Letters (a collection of interlocking monogram charms), and Island Life (with ocean motifs and shapes).

Four Keeps

Four Keeps is a unique locket and charm company by S&R Designs, which has long been known for fashion-forward designs. They began selling hand-crafted 18K clip-on bracelet charms in 2003 and evolved to include a line of round lockets with floating rough diamonds in 2008.

Their sterling locket necklaces knock it out of the park at an affordable price. The Four Keeps collection of gemstone lockets has appeared in jewelry shows and has been featured multiple times in JCK Marketplace magazine, including a mention as one of “2014’s Best-Loved Jewels.”

Best Mother’s Day Gift: Create a custom combination that means something to you and your mother. Lockets have long been stylish ways to express love and sentiment. We are pleased to carry this personalized product featuring whimsical, free-moving charms; white topaz; and mother-of-pearl gemstones. Choose from different-shaped lockets (pear, oval, flower or shield), different sizes, and more than 450 charms. Each locket can hold 4-6 charms of your choice. Order three weeks ahead of Mothers’ Day to guarantee shipment.


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