June 10, 2024

7 Popular Engagement Ring Settings

You found that special someone who makes your heart pitter-patter—and you’re ready to propose. Congratulations! Selecting the perfect engagement ring is an exciting process, and it starts with the setting. The engagement ring setting secures and showcases diamonds or other gemstones and determines the overall shape and style of the piece.

If you’re looking for Bergen County engagement rings, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of the most popular engagement ring settings to inspire you.

1. Prong

    The prong engagement ring setting has a small metal claw that holds the diamond in place. It’s the most classic and common engagement ring style, possibly because of its simplicity. Prong settings typically feature four or six prongs, and these prongs come in various shapes, from rounded or pointed to flat or V-shaped.

    Prong engagement settings raise the diamond up and allow light to pass through, enhancing the stone’s vibrance. However, prongs can loosen over time, so be sure to visit F. Silverman Jewelers to have your ring checked and tightened at least twice a year.

    2. Cathedral

    A cathedral engagement ring setting is comprised of a center stone flanked by metal arches rising from the band to support the diamond. This elegant design is reminiscent of the arches in Gothic-style cathedrals.

    Because a cathedral setting has a higher profile, it’s ideal for stacking with a flat wedding or anniversary band on either side. However, any raised stone is more prone to snagging or banging, which is something to consider if you work with your hands.

    3. Pavé

    If you can never have enough sparkle, a pave or bead setting might be what you’re looking for. This ring features tiny diamonds set closer together across the band. The name comes from the French word for pave because the piece is literally paved with gemstones.

    Whether vintage-style or modern, pavè settings provide delicate beauty and continuous shine. Sizing is more complex with pavè settings simply because of the number of diamonds on the band. Work with F. Silverman Jewelers to ensure your piece fits perfectly.

    4. Bezel

    For a partner with more modern taste, consider a bezel engagement ring setting. There are two types of bezel settings: full and partial. A full bezel setting features a center stone that sits flush within a thin metal rim, while in a partial bezel engagement ring, the stone is only partly covered by metal on the sides.

    Bezel settings offer maximum security, making them ideal for anyone who uses their hands for work and other activities. The stone is not as prominent in a bezel setting, which is worth noting if having a large diamond is a must.

    5. Channel

    Several gemstones sit inside a channel cut out of the band in a channel engagement setting. This channel is custom-made to precisely fit the depth and width of the stones for a secure fit. It allows accent diamonds or other stones to form an unbroken line of shine and sparkle.

    Channel-set diamonds work well as the primary design, like for a wedding band or eternity ring, or as a complement to a center stone. Channel settings are sleek and sophisticated. But, like a pavè setting, sizing channel ring setting is more involved. Fine jewelry experts at F. Silverman Jewelers can help.

    6. Bar

    With a bar engagement ring setting, the diamond sits between metal bars. Unlike a channel setting where the stone is surrounded, bar settings expose more of the diamond because it’s only secured on two sides. Bar settings work well for single, center stones, bar-set wedding bands, and eternity bands, which are also popular for engagement rings and bridal sets in Bergen County.

    7. Tension

    Tension engagement ring settings are truly unique, giving the appearance that the diamond is suspended in air. To create this style, designers carve an opening in the band that exerts just the right amount of pressure once the diamond is set. Small grooves in the sides of the metal opening help hold the stone in place.

    These rings tend to be a bit more fragile than other styles. So, if you like the drama of a tension setting, but want added security, try a tension-style setting that mimics the look but has additional structures to hold the stone in place.

    Now that you are familiar with popular engagement ring settings, are you imagining all the possibilities? For more than two decades, F. Silverman Jewelers has been the go-to destination for fine jewelry in Bergen County. We invite you to call, connect online, or visit our showroom in Bergen County to explore our extensive selection of vintage, classic, and custom bridal jewelry.

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