June 10, 2024

How to Care For Your Diamond Tennis Bracelets

At F. Silverman Jewelers, leading purveyor of fine jewelry in Bergen County, New Jersey, we understand that a diamond tennis bracelet is an essential piece for any jewelry collection. Elegant, timeless, and versatile, diamond tennis bracelets are suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.

To maintain their luster and longevity, we highly recommend professional cleaning and routine inspections at our Woodcliff Lake showroom to check the integrity of the bracelet’s settings and stones. Below, learn the factors that lead to wear and tear and get tips for optimal care and maintenance.

Care Considerations

Everyday wear

While it’s perfectly fine to wear diamond tennis bracelets daily, it is important to recognize that regular use of your jewelry leads to the accumulation of dirt and increases the likelihood of scratches from constant contact with various surfaces.

If you wear your tennis bracelets daily, we advise coming in for regular cleaning and upkeep to ensure they remain in pristine condition.

Buildup from cosmetic products and dirt

Lotion, body oils, and perfumes mix with dirt, which leads to a buildup around the stone settings that necessitates cleaning.

Physical and outdoor activities

Engaging in physical activities such as exercising, hiking, or swimming can cause sweat and dirt to accumulate around the diamonds, and might increase the risk of loosening around the setting. It is important to have your bracelets inspected regularly to ensure integrity of the stones.


Diamond tennis bracelets are set in precious metals like gold or platinum, which can be susceptible to scratches. Storing diamond tennis bracelets in a jewelry box haphazardly with other items can lead to scratches and scuffs. Proper storage helps maintain the bracelet’s condition and also prevents tangling with other jewelry.

When not in wear, store your bracelet in a fabric-lined jewelry box or a pouch with separate compartments to avoid scratches.

Household chores

Using household cleaners can damage and dull the bracelet, so it is advisable to remove prior to performing household tasks.

Chemical avoidance

Chemicals found in everyday substances like cleaning agents, cosmetics, and pools can deteriorate both the diamonds and their settings. It is best to remove your bracelet during activities that may expose it to such chemicals to prevent damage. This includes fragrances and hairspray. Always apply perfume and cologne prior to putting on gemstone jewelry. These chemicals can corrode and also reduce the bracelet’s brilliance.

Expert Care and Maintenance

Proper care by a professional is essential to preserve the beauty and integrity of diamond tennis bracelets over time.

Routine Professional Inspections

To prevent the loss of diamonds, which can occur with regular wear, it’s crucial to have your bracelet checked periodically by professionals. Bring your diamond tennis bracelets into F. Silverman Jewelers for a thorough inspection to make sure all stones are securely set and that the clasp functions properly.

Routine Professional Cleaning

Over time, diamond tennis bracelets can accumulate dirt that dulls their sparkle. It is not advised to clean your bracelets at home, as certain chemicals can damage your bracelet. F. Silverman will clean your diamond tennis bracelet properly and restore their sparkle and shine without damaging it.

Immediate Repairs

If you notice a loose stone or any damage, it’s important to address it as soon as possible to avoid further damage or loss of diamonds. Our skilled jewelers at F. Silverman, experts in women’s bracelets in Bergen County, will assess and repair your bracelet so that it remains a treasured part of your collection.

Maintain Your Bracelet’s Brilliance With F. Silverman Jewelers

A diamond tennis bracelet from F. Silverman Jewelers is not just a purchase, it’s an investment in enduring elegance. By following these care tips and utilizing our professional services, you can enjoy your exquisite piece for many years to come.

Visit our showroom located in Bergen County, New Jersey, to inquire about our jewelry repair and maintenance services, explore our exceptional range of diamond tennis bracelets in Bergen County and other fine jewelry, or to discuss customization options. Contact F. Silverman today.

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