July 18, 2017

The Guy’s Guide to Buying a Watch

Businessman checking time from watchFashionable men’s timepieces

It can be daunting to dive into the realm of men’s watches, especially if you’ve been relying on a cheap Timex or your cellphone’s clock. But men who are interested in taking their personal style to the next level may want to spend a little time learning about fashionable timepieces. The experts at F. Silverman Jewelers in Woodcliff Lake, NJ are always available to answer your questions about men’s jewelry.

Types of watches based on movement

Mechanical, automatic, and quartz are the types of movement of a watch. A watch’s movement refers not only to the progression of the hands around the face, but also to the minute movements of its inner mechanics.

A mechanical watch is wound by hand, as its power comes from a coiled wire. After the wire is wound up, it slowly unwinds, causing the hands to move. Men who appreciate fine craftsmanship and rich tradition will enjoy mechanical watches, though it’s important to select a top-of-the-line piece—cheaper mechanical watches aren’t as accurate.

Automatic watches are similar to mechanical, but they never need to be wound because they’re powered by your movements throughout the day. When you aren’t wearing it, you’ll need to store it in a device called a watch winder.

Quartz watches are the affordable, accurate, battery-powered models.

Styles of men’s watches

Rubber sports watches notwithstanding, there are five main types of men’s watches: Racing, dive, field, aviator, and dress. If you’re unsure of which you should choose, get a dress watch. The dress watch is always classy and sophisticated in any social situation. It typically has a thin face with a leather band, and few to no extra features.

Field watches got their start in the trenches of WWI. It’s come a long way since then, but still has a rugged, yet stylish look. Field watches are versatile. They’re appropriate for everyday wear and business casual, but don’t wear one with a tux.

If you’d still like to be James Bond when you grow up, choose a dive watch. The most recognizable, fictitious secret agent has worn a dive watch in every movie since Dr. No. Originally, Bond wore a Rolex Submariner, but switched to an Omega when Pierce Brosnan became Bond.

The aviator watch adds a chronograph to its design, since pilots needed to figure out their distance, speed, and fuel consumption. Today, aviator watches might not always feature a chronograph, but they still retain the medium to large size.

The racing watch is, predictably, a favorite of car racing enthusiasts. Racing watches tend to be medium to large, with a stainless steel case and a leather or metal band.

Watch complications

Yes, choosing a man’s watch can be complicated, but the term “watch complications” refer to the features of a timepiece. Common complications include a date display and chronograph. Some watches feature moon phases, tachymeter, alarms, and power reserve indicators. The average guy probably won’t need many complications, beyond perhaps the date and an alarm feature.

F. Silverman Jewelers carries top brands in fine jewelry in Bergen County, NJ and we offer men’s watch repair. We look forward to meeting you and helping you select the right watch for your wrist. Our store in Woodcliff Lake is open six days per week for your convenience, closed on Sunday.

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