November 6, 2019

How to Photograph Jewelry on Yourself

We all want to show off that shiny engagement ring, new diamond pendant, or beautiful pearl earrings, but capturing the magnificence of your piece in a photo can be difficult and sometimes feels impossible. This doesn’t mean your selfie game is off, though. Photographing jewelry and capturing its true beauty can be difficult even for professional photographers. However, there are simple tips and tricks you can follow to create a pro-worthy shot of your favorite piece of jewelry.

Follow these steps to get the perfect Instagram photo of your jewelry:

Focus on the jewelry

If the main purpose of your photo is to show off that beautiful stone, then keep the focus there. Things like busy backgrounds, too much makeup, brightly-colored clothing, and other distractions can draw the eye away from the centerpiece of the whole photo: the jewelry. After taking the photo, you may ask a few friends the first thing they notice when they look at the photo. It should be your ring/necklace/bracelet/earrings/etc.

Pick a complementary environment

Just as you want to wear jewelry that matches your style and the occasion, you want to find a place that complements the particular look of your jewelry. If you have a pair of elegant, diamond-dripped earrings, you may want to consider a formal backdrop whereas a timeless, chic watch may photograph better against an urban backdrop. If you aren’t looking to travel for photographs, you can always stick to solid backgrounds. Keep in mind that your facial and body expressions should also match the mood of your gems.

Showcase matching pieces

Sets of jewelry are a fun and beautiful way to showcase our personality and style. However, photographing the well-coordinated necklace, bracelet, and ring may feel awkward. The best way to accomplish this without looking like you’re trying too hard is to casually cross your arms or place your hand near your face as if you’re sweeping away a piece of hair. This will keep all of the matching pieces in focus without it looking forced.

Pay attention to lighting

The hardest part about photographing jewelry on yourself is that often what works well for the jewelry doesn’t do well for your skin. Diamonds, gems, and precious metals require different lighting. Have a friend shine a light directly onto your jewelry so that it captures the sparkle without washing out your complexion. You can also play around with lighting angles to create shadows and other effects that help highlight the jewelry.

Get in close

The most magnificent part about natural stones is that each has its own unique shine. Using a macro lens, whether it’s an extension of a high-quality, professional camera or a clip-on accessory for your smartphone, will help to get in close to the jewelry without losing detail. With the right lens, you should be able to capture the shape, cut, and color of your gem. You’ll even be able to focus on the brush strokes along the metal or details of the setting design.

Find The Right Jewelry For You

While all of these tactics will help you make a better photo to present your jewelry, the first step is finding a piece worth showing off. Talk to the experts at F. Silverman Jewelers. We’ll help you find the perfect fine jewelry in Montvale, Saddle River, & Woodcliff Lake that you can’t help but photograph! We proudly service jewelry customers across Bergen County, New Jersey! Contact us or visit our jewelry store in Woodcliff Lake to browse our collections!

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