August 12, 2016

Smart Jewelry Choices for a Job Interview

custom jobs copyChoosing jewelry for your job interview

When interviewing for a new job, prospective employers are judging not only your resume and punctuality, they’re assessing the total package. Making a great first impression can go a long way toward securing your dream position, so you want to put your best foot forward when you finally get face time.

A lot has been written about how to dress for a job interview in order to look polished and professional, but what about accessorizing with jewelry? Are there any do’s and don’ts when it comes to jewelry selection? The experts weigh in with some practical advice for what jewelry to wear for your next job interview.

Focus should be on you, not your jewelry

Generally speaking, women have a little more flexibility in this department, but you still want to aim for pieces that are simple and conservative. Even if the workplace culture seems relaxed and free-spirited, inconspicuous pieces are still recommended. Once you land the job, you can dazzle co-workers with your awesome statement jewelry.

Limit yourself to 2 pieces

You want all eyes to be on you, not your accessories. Accent your wardrobe with two simple jewelry pieces. For example, a pair of stud diamond earrings and a necklace, or a bracelet and a brooch.  Steer clear of jewelry that jangles a lot, which will only detract attention during the interview.

Avoid oversized, multi-colored trinkets

There is a time and a place for gorgeous bling-ed out pieces that make a statement, but a job interview is not one of them. You want to project an air of confidence and sophistication, so stick with timely, elegant pieces like pearls, or an understated pendant necklace. Save your favorite chandelier earrings and charm bracelets for a weekend party with friends.

One ring per hand please

With the exception of a wedding and engagement ring combo, don’t stack multiple rings on one hand. It may prove distracting as would multiple bangle bracelets. In the same vein, even if you have several ear piercings, it’s best to go with a classic look with just one earring per ear.

Think quality not quantity

Do wear jewelry crafted with silver, platinum and/or gold. Along with pearls, fine jewelry communicates subtle sophistication. Avoid flashy cocktail rings or loud pieces that will take attention away from what you have to say.

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