January 11, 2018

5 Top Jewelry Trends for 2018

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If earrings could talk, they would definitely make a statement this spring, because 2018 trends are all about the dangle.

“Statement-making” earrings are all the rage as the new collections unfold on the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris.  Not to be outdone, bracelets and pins are also taking center stage.

Of course, you don’t have to visit the big city to take advantage of these newest fashion trends – F. Silverman Jewelers has many fine pieces that fit the bill right in Bergen County, New Jersey. Here’s a quick rundown of the out-of-the-box looks for 2018.

Asymmetric Earrings

If you are one of those people who save a single earring in the hopes that the other will reappear when you’ve lost it, you may be in luck with this new trend. Eye-catching, mismatched earrings in interesting abstract shapes are dominating the fashion scene. While we will continue to see the thick, round ‘80s-style hoops from last year, they will be joined by some funky and unusual designs

Shoulder-Length Earrings

The bigger — and longer — the better is a key look for spring 2018 and beyond. Look for special embellishments to be added to the pieces, like beads, sequins, fur, mesh, and rhinestones.

Pinky Rings

Attention all ’90s kids: the pinky ring is back! 2018 finger bling is in the form of the tiny, pinky-sized rings that add a feminine, delicate touch to your hand.  Choose a timeless signet ring, or anything small enough to fit your little finger will fit the bill.


If your granny has been begging you to come see her more often, she may be in luck with this next trend:  brooches are especially hot now. The ornate pins are showing up on scarves, bags, and jacket lapels this year. So make tracks to pay grandma that long-overdue visit, and while you’re at it, ask her if you can borrow (have?) some of her antique silver and gold versions.

Ankle Bracelets

Are you starting to feel like you’ve stepped into a time capsule? It sounds like a throwback to high school days, but be assured that delicate anklets will make a comeback this year. Women of all ages will be showing off delicate anklets – and ankles – as the weather warms up. Popular looks include less-is-more like a dainty gold chain with a solitary pearl, or that oversized bracelet you’ve never been able to wear – no one will be the wiser!

Your New Look Starts Here

For more than 20 years, F. Silverman Jewelers has been dedicated to serving Bergen County, NJ with an array of spectacular diamonds, exquisite jewelry, and gift items. Our jewelry collections encompass some of the world’s finest designer brands and our reputation for exceptional customer service, affordability, variety and community commitment continues to set us apart.

Our on-premise jeweler can meet your specific repair needs or customize an original piece to your liking. Our staff is well-educated in the history and the quality of our jewelry, and we are always ready to provide any advice or suggestions you may need. Contact us to schedule a personal appointment today.

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