December 23, 2016

New Jewelry Ideas for 2017

e01433-rd-rJewelry: Timeless & Loving

Why the timeless love affair with jewelry? Why do we associate jewelry with everything from Mother’s Day to Christmas to Valentine’s Day, not to mention birthdays, anniversaries and other personal occasions?

We turn to jewelry because it’s a great way to show someone you care. There’s never a wrong time for jewelry. In fact, you’d get a lot more appreciation for an unexpected present than one offered on a day associated with gift giving. Buying for yourself is definitely allowed too. You deserve it.

In that regard, let’s take a look at jewelry, current trends and why it makes us feel so special.

Engraving & personalizing jewelry

With jewelry, the beauty will always be in the details. Engraving ensures your piece is the only one of its kind in the world. The latest technology in this field can take a message and replicate it using the consumer’s own handwriting, uniquely branding existing or new jewelry.

The pinky ring: they’re for everyone now

In the past, pinky rings have been used to imply a lack of interest in marriage. They’ve been worn to identify sexual orientation and even involvement in organized crime. These accouterments are traditionally old boys’ club and patrician decorations. Today, pinky and signet rings are considered chic, and, depending on the design, both feminine and masculine.

Hoops: the bigger the better

Hoops are back on the radar and they’re sporting huge proportions for bigger impact. If you prefer a dainty design, there are plenty of options. Hoop earrings give the neck and collarbone a slender, sexy look. They also bring out the face, providing balance to features.

Jewelry: celebrating womanhood

Women love jewelry for how it enhances appearance and for the idea that behind the piece is someone who cares – even if that someone is you! Any time a woman receives jewelry, she’s reminded of how important she is, especially as the piece is admired by others. Look at jewelry this way when buying and you will always select a unique and loving prize.

Expense: you don’t need to break the bank

Everyone from J. Crew to Tory Burch wants the world to have access to fine jewelry. One exciting and exceptional option in costume jewelry are creations produced using tortoise shell resin. As striking as jewelry can get, they promise to be impressive, attractive, empowering and cost effective.

F. Silverman: two decades providing its customers with the best jewelry

F. Silverman Jewelers is proud of its collection. Our customers throughout Bergen County and its neighbors know we carry some of the finest pieces of jewelry in the world for any budget or taste. We repair. We customize. We advise and we educate.

If you’re ready to buy that special piece, browse the site or, if you’re in Bergen, stop by the store.

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