August 7, 2018

Embrace Your Playful Side with Rainbow-Colored Jewelry

Colored gemstonesMulti-colored jewelry is trending now

Remember the Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks? This year has definitely been the year of the unicorn. We’ve had unicorn hair, unicorns on the red carpet (see Margot Robbie’s Suicide Squad premiere dress), celebs styling pastel unicorn sweatshirts, and more colorful, unicorn-themed dishes on Instagram and Pinterest than you can shake a stick at. Going along with this multi-hued unicorn theme for 2018 is the playful rainbow-colored jewelry trend. Fortunately, unlike making unicorn-themed toast, putting on some rainbow-colored jewelry is something that’s pretty easy and fun to do.

Bold or delicate? Rainbow jewelry options

The rainbow-colored jewelry trend for this year divides itself into two broad categories: The bold look and the delicate, feminine look. Rainbow-colored fashion jewelry is found in blocky kaleidoscopes of color. If you choose this look, don’t tentatively dip your toe in the water—just dive right in and add some thick stacks of bangles to your wrist.

The more subtle and delicate rainbow jewelry trend

You can also find exquisitely colorful, fine jewelry in more delicate and feminine constructions. Look for thin rings with a row of small gemstones in every color of the rainbow. A warm gold is the best setting for rainbow gemstones, as it complements the colors, rather than contrasting them. This year’s rainbow trend is all about piling on the colors in one single piece, from deep maroons to crystal clear blues to dreamy greens.

But you could also choose to buck the trend if you wish, and accomplish your rainbow-hued look by marrying different pieces together for one cohesive look. You could pair beautiful emerald earrings with a contrasting blue gemstone necklace. Add a ring or bracelet with pink gemstones to complete the rainbow look.

How to wear rainbow-colored jewelry

Every jewelry aficionado knows that the clothing she pairs with her jewelry could either enhance it or clash with it. Let your rainbow-colored jewelry take center stage by pairing it with simple, monochromatic clothing. Choose a little white sundress and a blocky, multi-hued bracelet. Dress up your favorite jeans and T-shirt combo with a pair of statement earrings in hard-to-miss rainbow colors.

Beyond clothing choices, consider a seasonal change to your hairstyle. Unnatural colors are definitely in this year, so consider having your stylist dye a strategic streak of magenta or mauve in your hair. Another recent trend is dying the roots a different color. Try a streak of gentle purple at the roots, progressing to a baby blue or aquamarine at the first inch or two of hair. Your multi-colored hair will nicely pair with your new favorite jewelry.

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