August 13, 2021

What Gemstone Represents August?

August is the final month of summer and the best time to soak in the last few moments of that bright, warm summertime feeling and enjoy the lush greenery of nature. Perhaps this is why peridot is the gem that represents August.

Peridots have a uniquely bright, neon green hue that’s very reminiscent of the late summer months. Oftentimes referred to as olivine, peridot only comes in shades of green from bright chartreuse to deeper forest green. It was highly sought after in ancient times because it was often confused with emeralds. To this day, the peridot is the national gem of Egypt because ancient Egyptians believed it to be the gem of the sun. In fact, experts now believe that the majority of Cleopatra’s famous emeralds were actually peridot stones.

Where Do Peridots Come From?

Peridot stones are formed entirely under the earth’s crust, like diamonds. They’re made under extreme heat and pressure and brought to the earth’s surface mixed with magma and volcanic rock. These green gems are common in the San Carolos Apache Indian Reservation outside Peridot, Arizona. The area gets its name because it is home to the largest modern reserve of peridot in the world.

Peridot stones are also found in outer space. In the 18th century, Peter Simon Pallas, a German scientist, found small pieces of peridot in meteorites called palatines.  During that same time, a large meteorite landed in Siberia full of peridot stones that were big enough to be worn as jewelry.

Peridot Symbolism

Besides being the August birthstone, peridot has long been associated with health, peacefulness, good sleep, and harmony. Many believe that it can calm anger and bring renewal, earning it another name: the Stone of Compassion.

Peridot gems are also thought to be protective when set in gold and worn as jewelry. The stone helps keep the wearer safe from both negative forces and nightmares, and can even help ease depression.

How to Care for Peridot Jewelry

Jewelers use the Mohs Hardness Scale to rate a stone’s resistance to damage. On the scale, different stones are given a number between 1 and 10, 10 being the hardest. Diamonds score a 10 on the scale, while pearls are between 2.5 and 4.5. The peridot gets a 6.5-7, making it durable enough for daily wear but sensitive enough to require special care.

Peridot is sensitive to prolonged moisture exposure and temperature changes. It should be kept in a soft pouch or lined box separate from other pieces to prevent scratches. Clean peridot periodically with warm running water and a mild soap, but be sure to dry it thoroughly.

Beautiful Peridot Jewelry at F. Silverman Jewelers

From adding a new piece to your own collection to getting a special gift for a loved one, birthstone jewelry is always an excellent choice.

F. Silverman Jewelers has a large collection of jewelry featuring all twelve birthstones, including the beautiful peridot. Stop by our showroom in Woodcliff Lake to find a colored gemstone bracelet, gemstone necklace, gemstone ring, or any other piece to showcase a peridot.

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