May 27, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Jade Jewelry

Jade is easily recognized around the world for its vibrant green color. This distinct gemstone has been prized for centuries for use in tools, decoration, and jewelry. If you’re interested in adding jade to your jewelry collection, here is everything you need to know about jade jewelry.

What Is Jade?

What most people think of as “jade” is really two different kinds of gemstones: jadeite and nephrite. These two gems were thought to be the same stone until the mid-1800s, but modern gemologists and jewelers are now well-versed in the differences between these lovely gems.

Jadeite comes in a rainbow of colors, from classic dark green to white, gray, blue, yellow, orange, and even black. This type of jade is much rarer than its counterpart and is therefore more expensive. Nephrite usually comes white, cream, or dark green and can have a more waxy or oily appearance thanks to its denser, tougher structure. Since nephrite is more common than jadeite, it’s much more affordable.

What Is the Significance of Wearing Jade?

Both nephrite and jadeite have been treasured for centuries across the globe, but their significance in Chinese culture is perhaps the most pronounced. In China, jade is highly valuable for its representation of strength, luck, and good health, and because it helps improve feng shui.

Feng shui is a philosophy of living in which the goal is to find balance and harmony between an individual and the world around them. Jade décor is often used to improve the feng shui of a space, but jade jewelry is used to improve the feng shui of a body. Wearing jade is thought to help clear the body’s meridians and protect the wearer from unwanted energy.

How to Buy Jade Jewelry

Whether you want to buy jade jewelry for its verdant beauty of for its feng shui, you do need to be aware that not all jade is created equal. When buying jade, you need to look at its color, transparency, and texture:

  • Color – Though jade is famous for being green, it comes in a wide range of colors. However, the most valuable jade color is a deep, rich green called imperial jade. When buying jade, evaluate its color based on vibrancy, depth, and strength.
  • Transparency – Jade can be opaque, transparent, and anything in between. The most valuable jade varieties are semi-transparent as it appears to glow from within.
  • Texture – Jade gets its texture from the crystals that make up its structure. The finer the crystals, the more valuable the gem. Look for jade that is smooth and soft.

Find Jade Jewelry at F. Silverman Jewelers

From jade earrings, jade necklaces, to jade rings, jade would make a glorious addition to any jewelry box. F. Silverman Jewelers has been providing Bergen County with fine jewelry for decades and has the selection and expertise needed to help you find the ideal jade piece for your collection. Visit our showroom in Woodcliff Lake today to learn more about jade jewelry or contact us.

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