August 17, 2022

Tips for Mixing and Matching Gold Jewelry

Once upon a time, mixing metals in jewelry was a fashion faux pas that would’ve landed you on a “Fashion Don’t!” list. Whether you were wearing white gold rings or yellow gold bracelets, you had to stick with the same color metal from head to toe.

Well, times have changed! Today, it’s considered a sign of fashion forwardness to mix white gold and yellow gold jewelry and other types of metals. Gold jewelry is available in blush-tinted rose, blinding white, and warm golden yellow. Below are some time-tested ways to successfully pull off mixing white gold and yellow gold jewelry or different types of gold jewelry.

Decide if you’re going for subtle or bold.

If you’re trying to make a bold impact with your jewelry look, contrasting golds are a great way to do it. For instance, selecting a blindingly bright white gold bracelet and matching it with delicate, rich, yellow gold teardrop earrings creates a beautiful contrast. It draws the eye in, and it creates impact. If you’re looking for something more subtle, use a softer gold like a rose gold with yellow gold, creating a nuanced and attractive mix.

Layer, layer, and layer some more.

One of the best ways to mix different types of gold metals is to layer your pieces.

An example would be to start with a rose gold chain necklace and follow it up with one of your favorite yellow gold necklaces or even one of your favorite white gold necklaces. All of these layers working together create a brand-new necklace. Another popular option is to stack your rings, wrapping your finger in layered bling. By mixing metals and alternating rings of gold, yellow, and rose gold down your finger, you can create what looks to be a brand-new multi-hued piece.

Another way that you can layer metals is to match a gold watch that comes in yellow gold with white gold rings.

Balance it out.

Your goal is to show off your jewelry, drawing attention to your differently colored pieces. Don’t forget that you’re going to be wearing clothing, too! Consider the clothes you’re wearing when you’re selecting your pieces for the day.

Solid-colored outfits work perfectly as backdrops to show off your mix of gold jewelry, especially if your outfit is a neutral color like white or black. A perfect example would be yellow gold bracelets paired with a bright, white high-end jumpsuit.

Consider your skin tone.

Colored gold will take on different inflections when matched with varying skin tones. Rose gold and yellow gold enhance skin with warmer tones, while white gold pops on skin that has cooler undertones. This isn’t to say that you can’t mix-and-match depending on your skin tone.

Be creative when mixing jewelry metals.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match all of your jewelry metals. Visit F. Silverman Jewelers if you’re looking for beautiful new looks or just have a question about which gold combinations will help create the stunning look you’re after. We help customers from Montvale to Saddle River with their custom jewelry selections.

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