August 17, 2022

Yellow Gold Is Trending

Yellow gold has stepped in and out of vogue for decades. This precious metal was ultra-hip in the 50’s and dominated fashion jewelry in the 80’s and 90’s, when everyone was sporting yellow gold chains and giant hoop earrings. Fast forward to the summer of 2022, and you’ll find that 14K and 18K yellow gold jewelry is having something of a renaissance.

Yellow gold has a timeless quality

What has sparked the rise of the yellow gold jewelry trend? Meghan Markle’s three-stone yellow gold engagement ring surely helped revive the popularity of this timeless metal. But many would argue that yellow gold has never really gone out of style. Intricately detailed yellow gold wedding bands, like the ones your mother and grandmother wore, have a sentimental connection, and more brides-to-be are looking for a traditional and classic style.

Why yellow gold is having a comeback

Remember the chunky yellow gold necklaces that Carrie made famous on Sex and the City? Today’s jewelry preferences are no less edgy, but instead of flashy statement pieces, jewelers are opting for more of a sophisticated heirloom vibe. You don’t see many vintage lovers celebrating the romantic quality or timelessness of metals like platinum or titanium. They lack the luster and versatility of yellow gold, which can look Old World or ultra-chic, depending on how it is styled.

Yellow is the purest color of all gold metals, and is the most hypoallergenic. It is somewhat malleable and therefore prone to scratches, but it also hides imperfections better than the majority of metals. Did we mention that yellow gold looks great on everyone? Yellow gold bracelets have a warm, unique glow and look lovely on all coloring, whether you have fair, dark, or olive-toned skin.

The intense deep tones of yellow gold make it an excellent foil for lighter-colored metals. So go ahead and mix it up with platinum, silver, or white gold for a sophisticated, layered look.

Whether simple round studs or adorned with diamonds, yellow gold earrings never go out of style, and always add some glam to an outfit.

A perennial favorite for engagement and wedding rings, yellow gold is having a major moment this year, and if you’re in the market for a breathtaking piece that can be passed down to the next generation, we invite you to visit F. Silverman Jewelers.

Shop yellow gold jewelry at F. Silverman Jewelers

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