October 23, 2018

A Man’s Guide to Buying Jewelry for a Woman

Selecting the perfect jewelry gift

The holidays are just around the corner and you’ve been thinking of buying something extra special for the love of your life. Men, if you are truly pondering a gift that says, “I absolutely adore you,” fine jewelry is an excellent choice. But where to start?

A splashy diamond ring that offers instant bragging rights, or something more casual she’ll wear everyday. Meaningful jewelry gifts don’t have to break the bank, but they do need demonstrate that you – at the very least – understand her tastes and style.

With that in mind, here are a few handy tips for men on how to surprise your paramour with jewelry she’ll swoon over.

Start with the basics

Pay attention to the jewelry she normally wears. Does she tend to favor dangly earrings over studs? Does her collection include pendant necklaces and bangles, or statement cocktail rings? Most women also gravitate toward a certain metal – does she wear silver, yellow gold, rose gold or copper? Sure, you can take a risk with a unique trinket that is out of her comfort zone, but she’d probably prefer something she will actually wear.

Go with something sentimental

Want to really blow her away with how thoughtful you are? Revisit some of the places you have traveled together. Maybe she admired a pretty charm bracelet or a strand of pearls. Dazzle her with a piece of jewelry that has a history. Another approach is hiring a jeweler to make a custom piece with some engraving or other personal detail.

Browse her Pinterest board

If you’re still at a loss as to her personal jewelry style, chances are you may glean some inspiration by browsing her Pinterest board. Who knows, she may have several boards dedicated to pieces she’s seen worn by her favorite celebrities or crafted by top designers. This should also give you a good starting point.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Now that you’ve done a little homework, you know if she’s the type of woman who goes for bold eye-catching jewelry or prefers the understated elegance of pearls. You have a general feel for her jewelry style, but still need help. Would she love a beautiful pair of diamond studs, a heart-shaped pendant or a whimsical charm on a long chain?

This is where an experienced fine jeweler in Bergen County can help. Here at F. Silverman, we can help you choose a trinket that will be a huge hit. Whether it’s for her birthday, an anniversary, a holiday, or just because, our staff can help you interpret her tastes and find the perfect piece for your lady.

Fine jeweler in Bergen County, NJ

F. Silverman Jewelers has an extraordinary selection of jewelry gift items for that special woman in your life. From high quality diamonds to stunning creations by the world’s top jewelry designers, we are proud to offer high quality pieces at affordable price points. For expert assistance selecting her perfect jewelry gift, we invite you stop by our Woodcliff Lake showroom. We serve clients across Bergen County, from Montvale, Saddle River, Woodcliff Lake & beyond.

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