April 24, 2018

5 Creative Ways to Wear Pearls

pearl jewelryGet Creative with Pearls

Pearls are often reserved for the most special and formal of occasions. They are perfect for numerous settings, ranging from weddings to black-tie dinners. Fortunately, there are more ways to wear pearls than fancy cocktail parties.

The following are some cool and creative ways to glam up your look with pearls!

1. Multi-Strand Pearls

Multi-strand pearls are great for formal dresses. The trick lies in your choice of dress. The more understated it is, the more you can highlight your pearls by roping together multiple bead types and variants. Go for solid-color pearls if wearing high-end fabric. If the dress is the main highlight and highly embellished, then go for a demure strand of pearls.

2. Pearl Sweater

Turn a plain sweater into a creative piece by scattering pearls over it. This is a nice DIY project that requires nothing more than a glue gun, a few pearl beads, and a sweater you’re not afraid to experiment on. A pearl sweater can jazz up a party dress when the evening gets a bit nippy.

3. Pearl Footwear

Do you want your shoes to be the focal point of your getup? Make your designer pumps or block-heel sandals stand out even more by adding pearls. Be liberal with your use of pearls and feel free to place them in spots besides the toe box or vamp. You can also place them on the strap, heel, or toe spring.

4. Pearl Lariat

Lariat necklaces form a V-shape. With a pearl lariat, we recommend wrapping the necklace around your neck once and crossing the ends in front. By wearing it in this manner, you can adjust the length of the V. It’s best to keep the V right at your neckline. This style is great for work as well as with a casual outfit for a weekend outing.

5. Pearls that dangle on your back

Instead of wearing a pearl necklace in the front, consider wearing it the opposite by letting it dangle off your back. This works especially well when wearing a dress with a low back. It provides a very sophisticated and stunning look. Choose colored or cream pearls that will accent the color of your dress.

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