July 29, 2016

Do You Have Personal Jewelry Yet?

Birthstone JewelryPersonal jewelry is a part of you

You’ve probably already heard of personalized jewelry, such as bracelets inscribed with your choice of meaningful quotes or necklaces monogrammed with your initials. But what about “personal” jewelry? Personal jewelry is the style aficionado’s response to the bold, flashy “statement” jewelry of the early 2010s, when one couldn’t get through a cocktail hour without spotting an over-the-top bib necklace or flashy mixed media earrings. Instead of screaming for attention, personal jewelry captures the gaze in a far subtler way. The result is a look that appears to be effortlessly put-together and graceful in a casual way.

Personal jewelry speaks to who you really are

Personal jewelry is not something that is subject to change from day to day or even from month to month. It retains an air of permanence thanks to its classic, graceful design. Personal jewelry is something that is associated closely with your self-identity and therefore it is meant to be selected, put on, and worn indefinitely.

In fact, the best personal jewelry is a piece that other people associate so closely with your appearance that they might cease to notice it at all-until it becomes a topic of conversation. Essentially, wearing personal jewelry is much like building your own personal brand, but not just any pretty piece will do.

Since personal jewelry is as much a part of your self-identity as your love of a particular color or aversion to clunky shoes, it’s necessary to put careful thought into selecting it. You can choose just one piece, such as a subtle necklace that you never take off, or you can choose multiple pieces. If you do choose multiple pieces, it’s important that they complement each other perfectly. This isn’t to say that they should all share the same style or material; you can mix and match, just be sure that the pieces work together.

Choose meaningful pieces with a story behind them

To take advantage of the personal jewelry trend, it isn’t necessary to put together a charm bracelet with themed attachments that broadcast that you’re a soccer mom or you danced ballet, although you certainly could do so if this appeals to you. However, personal jewelry is about more subtle meanings behind the piece. Perhaps you usually choose your owl earrings for evening wear because they were a gift from your late grandmother. Or perhaps the first love of your life gave you a stunning Charles Krypell heart necklace that you wear everywhere.

Some jewelry options to consider

Another option to consider when selecting your personal jewelry is to break the mold by choosing a piece that one wouldn’t expect to see on you. Signet rings are a perfect example of this. Or, instead of choosing standard hoop earrings, look for hoops that feature some unexpected twists or additions.

Find your personal jewelry at F. Silverman

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