March 2, 2015

4 Most Common Jewelry Repairs

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Even the most high-quality jewelry may require routine maintenance or repair at some point. While you may be able to devise a quick fix for your biggest jewelry woes at home, it can be incredibly aggravating and time-consuming if you do not have the right tools or experience for that particular repair. There is also peace of mind that comes with professional jewelry repair, which will be done correctly and efficiently here at F. Silverman Jewelers in Bergen County.


There are many products aimed at cleaning jewelry at home – from common oil-busting dish soaps to “ionizer” devices that use UV light to remove bacteria. These products may satisfy some, but nothing shines quite like a fresh-from-the-case piece of jewelry. Professional jewelers have access to the very best polishes on the market. We give your jewelry the time and care necessary to make it look brand new. In some cases, gold plating begins to wear off, giving the jewelry a permanently tarnished look. A professional jeweler can restore the plating so you can keep wearing your favorite pieces for years to come.

Broken Clasps

Have you ever struggled to unclasp a necklace that used to be easy to put on and remove? All too often, necklace clasps become tilted, loosened, bent, or slightly damaged through extensive use. A craft store can give you a new clasp, but often these pieces are made from copper or a low-grade metal that will wear out in no time at all. A professional jeweler has a stock of quality metal and the equipment to solder a new clasp in place for a more secure hold.

Ring Resizing

We see all types in the jewelry store: people who have gained weight, lost weight, or developed arthritis in their fingers. Weather fluctuations can swell the hands or shrink the tissues, causing a ring to spin around loosely. There are countless reasons to have a ring resized. Many times an eager beau estimates the size of his beloved’s finger just to get something in the engagement box, which will need to be sized properly later. We have the tools needed to get the most accurate sizing through stretching, bridging or shaving of the internal surface.

Loose Stones

Sadly, most people don’t know that a stone has loosened until it’s too late and the gem has fallen out. With some luck, the stone will still be in their possession, but many more have lost a precious gem stone or diamond. As years go by, the prongs holding the stones in place get worn down, especially if they are made from softer metals like gold or silver. Prongs also frequently get caught on clothing and bend or pull out of place. Doing the dishes, gardening, swimming, and other activities can all take their toll on a gem setting.

As a professional jeweler, we have tools to solder these prongs into proper alignment and can even rebuild the prongs if necessary. It is recommended that you have your settings checked every six months to prevent the loss of a sentimental stone.

Professional Jewelry Repair In Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Given the cost and sentimental value of fine jewelry, it’s just not worth risking these common jewelry repairs at home. A professional jeweler has the best equipment, expertise, and guarantee to satisfy your expectations. Learn more about our jewelry services.

Here at F. Silverman Jewelers, we have an on-site repairman who is ready to service your custom jewelry repair needs. We put more than two decades of expertise to work for you. Many repairs can be done while you wait, so have a look around at our varied selection of affordable jewels, designer creations, and finely crafted statement pieces. Visit our store or contact us with any jewelry repair questions

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