January 17, 2023

7 Best Jewelry Push Presents for Mom

A push present is a gift bestowed upon a woman giving birth by her partner. Though the roots of this tradition stretch back to India, where it is customary to shower mothers with gifts to honor and bless her—as opposed to the baby shower tradition, where gifts are for the baby.

A jewelry push present offers a beautiful reminder to a new mother of the love and appreciation her family feels for her—one she can wear for special occasions or even every day. You don’t have to buy a million-dollar choker like Kanye West did for Kim to show you care. From classic to symbolic, the best push present jewelry depends upon the recipient’s taste and style.

Top Jewelry Push Present Ideas

When shopping for jewelry as a push present, choosing a piece that has personalized meaning for your partner will go a long way toward communicating your respect and love. Here are a few recommendations from our expert jewelers that are guaranteed to impress.

Tennis bracelet

Best For: A mom who is classy, understated, sophisticated

A tennis bracelet is made of stones (usually diamonds), symmetrically arranged and connected by a thin metal chain of 14K gold, 18K gold, or platinum. She can wear this classic push present bracelet on its own or layered up with her other favorites.

Diamond studs

Best For: A mom who is traditional, elegant, straightforward

Diamonds are not only “a girl’s best friend.” They also symbolize strength, health, eternal love, and commitment. Stud earrings— with the gemstone attached to a single post and worn close to the lobe—are timeless and minimalist for everyday wear.

Birthstone of baby (earrings or ring)

Best For: A mom who is thoughtful, sentimental, spiritual

Birthstones are thought to bring health, protection, and good fortune. With push present earrings or rings in the color of the newborn’s birthstone, she can feel connected to her baby’s energy at all times, release psychic blockages, and use it as a talking piece when she’s out.

Birthstone stackable ring

Best For: A mom who is fruitful, contemplative, bohemian

A stackable push present ring can contain the entire family’s birthstones, representing your combined energies and life forces. Wearing the stack brings a sense of comfort, completion, and satisfaction. These talismans tell the story of her life in a beautiful and symbolic way.

Pink sapphire for girl or blue for boy

Best For: A mom who is unconventional, unique, trailblazing

Sapphire—the “stone of new love”—traditionally symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. It has been used to protect against negative energies—inviting calm, intuition, and spiritual clarity. Pink can represent a girl, or blue can represent a boy.

Engravable medallion necklace with baby’s name or initials

Best For: A mom who is passionate, affectionate, dedicated

For a personalized push present necklace, nothing beats the engraved medallion—a mysterious and alluring statement piece for daily wear. When the baby’s name or initials are carefully selected to hold symbolic significance, there is no better gift.

Diamond initial pendant necklace

Best For: A mom who is dazzling, outgoing, modern

Diamond initial pendants are most routinely worn as part of a necklace stack. In fact, many jewelry designers wear diamond initial necklaces with their children’s lettering. This type of statement piece has been trending strongly for the last few years.

Jewelry Push Presents in Bergen County, NJ

Fine jewelry is crafted from long-lasting, durable materials, symbolic of your love and this new journey you’re embarking upon. While nothing beats the twinkle in a newborn’s eye, a dazzling sparkle from a thoughtful gift comes in at a close second. Our experts are happy to help, whether you’re looking for classic or custom.

Contact F Silverman Jewelers for a truly enjoyable and personalized shopping experience.

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