March 27, 2017

How Is Custom Jewelry Made?

diamond engagement ringJewelry inspired by your style, taste, and cultural heritage

There may be millions of pieces of jewelry to choose from, but there’s only one you and only you can design. Collaborating with a fine jeweler to breathe life into your own designs allows you to unleash your creativity and stay true to your unique sense of self. Custom jewelry is surprisingly accessible, and with the help of the experts at F. Silverman Jewelers in Bergen County, New Jersey, you’ll be able to show off your finely crafted piece in no time at all.

F. Silverman Jewelers frequently creates custom pieces for engaged couples, including both custom engagement rings and custom wedding bands, but anyone can reap the benefits of finely crafted, uniquely styled custom jewelry.

Choosing your custom jewelry approach

There are two primary approaches to planning custom jewelry: Salvaging and starting from scratch. If you have an heirloom piece that reminds you of lost loved ones, you can choose to reset the gemstone within a contemporary design. This is a popular and respectful way to honor your family history. If you wish, you can preserve some of the design elements from the original piece, while adding other elements to give it a modern update. If the original gemstone is large enough, you might even choose to have it recut.

If you don’t have family heirloom jewelry or don’t want to change the heirloom pieces you do have, you’ll start from scratch. This is an exciting approach, but it can also be intimidating. It’s important to work with a fine jeweler you can trust to bring your vision to life and offer the expert guidance you’ll need.

Understanding the fabrication process

1. Once you’ve developed your design, your jeweler will use sophisticated 3D modeling technology to generate a precise image. You’ll give your final approval before it’s made. You can even see the final elements—the metal and stone—before the fabrication process begins. There are low-tech ways to create custom jewelry, of course, but it’s preferable to work with a jeweler who has CAD/CAM technology.

2. This technology is used to create a precise, to-scale wax model of the jewelry.

3. Then, the wax piece is encased in a substance similar to plaster.

4. Once the plaster mold dries, the wax is heated out of it. This leaves a cavity that is the precise size and shape of the original wax mold.

5. Then, molten metal is cast into the plaster mold.

6. The jewelry is cleaned, polished, and carefully inspected.

7. The gems are set.

8. The jeweler performs a final polish and cleaning.

Why wait? Visit F. Silverman Jewelers today

F. Silverman Jewelers cordially invites you to visit our store in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey to discuss your vision for your custom jewelry. Whether you know exactly what you want or only have a vague idea, we can give you as much or as little assistance as you need to bring your designs to life. We bring our years of experience and craftsmanship to work for you, combined with the latest, state-of-the-art technology: CAD/CAM Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Manufacturing, so you can approve the final, 3D design before it’s created. Call us today or visit our location near Upper Saddle River.



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