August 17, 2017

Inspiration for Your Earring Collection: Everyday Wear and Special Occasions

brass earringsNew trends in hoops, dangling and statement earrings

The rules of fine and fashion earrings have changed. Diamond wedding earrings will always be in style, but women have increasingly been tucking away their small studs and conventional hoops in favor of bigger, bolder, more layered pieces, as well as more whimsical designs that function much like a conversation piece. Women have long viewed earrings as accents that complete and complement an outfit. But today, many are relying on earrings to be the focal point, relegating clothing and makeup to playing second fiddle.

If you’ve ever wanted to be more daring with your personal jewelry style, now is definitely the right time to try.

Go big or go home with statement earrings

The bigger, bolder, and more colorful statement earrings are, the more likely they are to be currently trending. Today’s statement earrings have a unique ability to make all other style accents look superfluous. They’ve also conquered the divide between the runway look and everyday wear—and even wedding wear. Whether you’re running errands or getting ready to say your “I dos,” a sculptural, metallic, asymmetrical, or shoulder-brushing earring will get the job done.

As an example, jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez, first established herself in the fashion world by working on single earrings. For a friend’s wedding, Giovanna Battaglia-Engelbert, Delettrez created a single earring that sported a large, green stone. The bride also wore a custom-made metal and stone piece that accentuated her chignon.

Hang on more hoops

Simple silver or gold hoops have long been a staple item in nearly every woman’s jewelry collection. They’re affordable, and they go well with everything. But there’s no need to limit yourself to just one hoop per ear. Jewelers are seeing a major shift in the way people perceive multiple piercings.

Now, it’s almost shocking to see someone with just one or two holes in an earlobe. Multiple piercings give women the opportunity to play with layered looks, such as by wearing multiple copies of the same hoop, but in graduated sizes. The bottom piercing might feature the largest hoop, with a succession of progressively smaller hoops working their way up the war.

Take a fashion risk with dangling earrings

Dangling earrings offer an exciting opportunity for brides to go beyond the traditional look of pearl or diamond studs. Much like statement earrings, the bolder and longer look is definitely in. Fringe chandelier earrings can put the finishing touches on a wedding gown. If you’re a wedding guest or headed out for a day about town, try an architectural, metallic look, or the look of dangling feathers or petals.

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