July 13, 2018

Nature-Inspired Jewelry Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

A single solitaire Diamond in amongst some pieces of coal.Unique jewelry inspired by nature

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” These words of wisdom from Albert Einstein remind us of the importance of truly connecting to the natural world. But it isn’t always possible to turn off one’s smartphone and spend a weekend hiking the trails or camping. No matter where you are—whether it’s a cubicle farm or an urban jungle—you can take a bit of nature with you. Actually, you can take a bit of nature ON you with these nature-inspired jewelry trends.

Fun animal motifs to try

If you’ve been paying attention to the runways during the last couple of years, you’ve probably noticed some wild animals on them. Models have been showcasing bangles and baubles that are stylized to represent roaring tigers, majestic elephants, and all other sorts of animals. One of the latest fun trends is the use of non-mainstream animals in jewelry designs, like crabs and insects.

Hormiga, for example, has studs that depict cute pink and gold snails. Nach has a playful Cat Catching Fish necklace for all of you feline lovers out there. And Mercedes Salazar has a pair of earrings with tiny, pinkish-orange crabs. So think outside the safari animal box this year, and pay homage to Earth’s smaller creatures.

Tapping into your inner Earth goddess

If you’re looking beyond animal motifs, you’ve got plenty of options. Some necklaces, bracelets, and earrings take on a subtle approach by incorporating leaves and pinecones into their designs. You’ll also find sinuous vines wrapping around a bracelet or anklet, acorn studs, and necklaces that suggest a cedar bough.

Other jewelry pieces are more obviously nature-oriented, such as tree of life pendants. The tree of life is a prominent symbol that transcends cultures, eras, and religions. It’s a well-recognized symbol around the world, and it can mean different things in different cultures. Many people recognize the tree of life as representing the interconnectedness of all things within nature. Other people believe the tree of life represents personal growth and resiliency, and an ability to overcome adversity. Still others feel it represents a connection to one’s ancestry. Whatever your interpretation is, you can use this nature-inspired jewelry to carry the wisdom of the tree of life with you throughout daily life.

These nature-inspired jewelry ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. And if you look hard enough (or have a jeweler make a custom piece for you), you could probably find some iceberg-inspired earrings.

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