January 7, 2019

Old Hollywood Jewelry Looks For Today

Vintage lady posing with authentic hollywood lighting
Capture the glamour of vintage Hollywood

Nothing evokes feelings of glamour, elegance and delicious nostalgia like old Hollywood. Stars like Hedy Lamarr, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly are long gone, but continue to be fashion icons to this day. So it’s not a shocker that classic jewelry looks from old Hollywood cinema are still not only relevant but prevalent today.

You can easily bring some of the timeless appeal of these sparkling stars to your modern wardrobe with these cool yet classic pieces.

Hair Clips

Women began waving and curling their hair into new styles during the 1930s. These new hair trends sparked a new jewelry trend, too: decorative hair clips. Hair clips and combs were popular in old Hollywood, and were most seen with sparkling stones set into art deco and geometric shapes. Hair clips are just as popular today, with stars like Amanda Seyfried and Janelle Monae rocking them on the red carpet to women adding a touch of shine to their work looks.

Celestial Shapes

Stars, moons and other celestial shapes were very popular in art deco décor, and consequently moved into the Hollywood jewelry scene. These shapes were so popular Chanel herself designed piece after piece featuring shooting stars. Our eyes are still turned towards the skies today. With interest in zodiac signs and horoscopes in vogue, star, moon, and sun jewelry is still very much in style.


Pearl jewelry will never go out of style. Brought back into the spotlight with Chanel’s 1920s lines, pearls glistened from necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings and more all throughout old Hollywood’s reign. It goes without saying that pearls are and will be trendy for many years to come.


The bracelets in old Hollywood varied from dripping with diamonds to simple bangles. The only thing all the bracelets of the period had in common was that they were numerous. Starlets covered their arms in bracelets, oftentimes over opera-length gloves. Stacking bracelets is making a big comeback today. Maybe because of smart watches and fitness trackers, style icons have taken to layering multiple bracelets of varying colors, textures and sizes.

Varying Materials

When people think of old Hollywood, its usually of diamonds and pearls. However, because of World War II, many precious metals and gems were unavailable for a large portion of Hollywood’s golden age. The didn’t stop the stars, however, who took to wearing jewelry made from interesting materials like wood, leather, Lucite, ceramic and more. Sterling silver also rose in popularity during this time. Even though modern celebrities and fashionistas aren’t plagued by a world war, varying materials are still quite popular today, with jewelry being crafted from almost anything you can think of.

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